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Hulu’s New UI Reaches Roku

by Jeff Baumgartner | September 19, 2017

Updated interface/experience for Roku devices also supports Hulu’s live TV service

Hulu Trots Out New Features

by Jeff Baumgartner | September 08, 2017

Improves UI’s readability and legibility, highlights live and VOD watch history

Comcast Tweaks X1 Guide

by Jeff Baumgartner | August 10, 2017

Adds ‘Free-to-Me’ guide view, notifications center, application locks, new accessibility features

Leveraging Data to Win Viewers

by Steve Canepa, IBM | August 01, 2017

In an era of personalized media, cognitive computing can help predict what consumers want next

Hulu Tacks on Features

by Jeff Baumgartner | May 22, 2017

Viewing progress, new episode badging among elements added to new platform


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Verizon’s OTT TV Service Delayed to Spring 2018: Report

Launch timing could be further postponed, Bloomberg says... More