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FiOS: History Lesson

8/07/2008 5:11 PM

Verizon used to tout its use of cable technology. Remember the ad with the FiOS tech bragging to a puzzled-looking suburban tot that the service is "true QAM"?

Now, in a new TV spot, the telco trashes cable as somehow being obsolete because it was first invented 60 years ago — older, in other words, than Sputnik.

"Cable technology was created in 1948," the voiceover says. "Six years before the first color broadcast, nine years before Sputnik, 23 years before disco — and cable was created 60 years before you bought that big-screen TV."

Pause. "No wonder you’re not getting more HD. Verizon FiOS offers 100 HD channels."

Of course, the ad doesn’t note the fact that FiOS TV channels are delivered within a subscriber’s home using coaxial cable. That would spoil the whole smart-alecky routine, wouldn’t it? Don Draper, I think, would be proud of this elision.

At least Verizon can’t say that cable is older than John McCain (b. Aug. 29, 1936).