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Can We Talk?

TV community needs to come together now 7/08/2016 12:00 PM

The growing racial tensions over officer-involved shootings that have racked the country in recent days, from Dallas to Minneapolis to Baton Rouge, are not going to be defused without a concerted effort on the part of everyone involved, which is everyone in this country.


As President Obama has said, there is a problem that needs addressing.


Broadcasters remain the "go to" medium for local news and public service in their communities and can be a part of the solution -- or at least part of figuring out what the solution is.


They should join with cable news outlets to televise -- and roadblock if necessary -- a town hall meeting or meetings between communities and the police sworn to protect and serve. ABC’s Nightline at one time had something of a corner on a thoughtful, interactive approach to important issues, so perhaps Ted Koppel could be enlisted to moderate such an effort.


Update: Viacom Nets Join on Live Town Hall Special


Presidential candidates could drop their gloves and agree that this is no time to point fingers, but instead join hands to find a way to heal and move forward.


And perhaps network news magazines could rest the "cheerleaders murdered over spring break" investigations for a spell to focus on the issue of race relations in this country.