TV Crush

Animal Planet's Attention-Getting Dead Rose Promo

2/11/2010 5:59 PM

It just arrived in the mail: Animal Planet’s valentine to the press, promoting their upcoming series Fatal Attractions, debuting March 14 at. 10p.m.  The mini-series goes inside the homes of animal lovers who insist on keeping exotic pets - sometimes with fatal results.

The long cardboard box looked innocent enough, at first glance.  I thought the box might contain flowers from my husband who is currently away on business.  But I quickly spotted the Discovery return address and the “Happy Valentine’s Day, from Animal Planet” printed on the front.

I opened the box to find a bar of exotic chocolate and - WTH! - a dead rose!  The enclosed card lists the dates for three episodes of Fatal Attractions with the admonition: “Roses are dead, violets are blue, if you fall for exotic pets - you could be TOO.”

lol!  Hats off to you, Animal Planet.  This promo is made of win!

ETA: my editor Kent Gibbons snapped a pic of the dead rose and card insert. Click here.