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On Fox News, Palm Trees Grow in Wisconsin

3/02/2011 12:24 PM

Palm trees grow in Wisconsin, at least on Fox News.

In the vid posted below: Bill O’Reilly asks correspondent Mike Tobin about the union protests: “Can you break the crowd down?  How many are professional left-wingers and how many are just regular folks?”

As Tobin answers O’Reilly’s question, Fox News rolls footage of protests presumably taking place in Wisconsin - an agitated crowd pushing and shoving as mounted police try to control the event.

The only problem - palm trees are clearly visible in the background.

UPDATE: Stephen Colbert had something to say about the palm trees last night.  From the clip below:  “Just look at this footage Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly showed while talking about the Wisconsin protests with his man on the ground Mike Tobin…shocking footage from Madison, Wisconsin.  They’re not only busing in people from out-of-state, they’re also busing in palm trees.”