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Veronica Mars Fans Manipulate E! Online Poll

4/25/2007 6:54 AM

Another kerfluffle (commotion, controversy) erupted on the Internet last week.

Some Veronica Mars fans will go to almost any lengths to rescue their beloved show.  How desperate are they?  Apparently so desperate to push VM to the top of E! Online’s annual Save One Show poll, created a webpage to teach true blue viewers how to game the E! Online system by manipulating Firefox. admonished users:  “do not post this on any other site!!!!”  which of course was chum to the sharks.  Some fans were up in arms about the ethical lapse. The instructions were eventually deleted but not before the page image was vengefully captured and posted on imageshack  for posterity. helpfully recommended that users conduct a “mental check” before engaging in the practice of poll-rigging. Then, proving that the double standard is alive and well, they added at the bottom of the page, “Linking to this site is welcome. Stealing, plagiarizing, and pagejacking are prohibited.”

Noting an unusual voting pattern but probably oblivious to the behind-the-scenes machinations,  E! Online announced that for the first time in the history of the “record breaking” poll, two series - Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls - would share the distinction as the Show to Save.