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Fox's 10-Ring Circus

The first official Republican debate Thursday night in Cleveland was a raucous affair, more like a m... More

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A Summer Guide to the LTE-U Dustup

Few tech stories are as loaded with hyperbole, angst and vitriol as the matter of mobile LTE-U and... More

4K, 8K and Wall Space

PHILADELPHIA — Ultra HD television took center stage at last week’s annual Tech It Out here, a

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Interactive Pizza. Again.

Domino's Pizza's new marketing blast for multi-platform pizza ordering revives decades-old promises ... More

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Love the Players, Improve the Game

On Aug. 10, my colleague and former Federal Communications Commission official Adonis Hoffman wrote ... More

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DirecTV by AT&T: New Jungle, New Gravitas

In reviewing most media coverage of AT&T’s $49.5 billion purchase of DirecTV, approved by the ... More

Bouncing Soccer Ball Stays In NBC Net

U.S. fans of England's Premier League have gotten increasingly spoiled by TV providers here. Accordi... More

Honorable Mentions

TV viewers looking for some strong female-driven dramas have two terrific new options this summer, o

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2016: The Critical Year For Measurement

Anyone who has been around the media business for any length of time has heard the song before – [... More

Top 5 TV Spider-Men

The Internet has been in overdrive over the latest choice to play Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man

Rupert Passes the Baton

There was a lot of ink shed in the past couple of days over the talk that Rupert Murdoch, chairman a

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Cable Networks Test Binge-Viewing Release Strategies

To release or to not release full seasons of scripted show for binge viewing was a question several ... More

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A Number Worth Noting

15,440   The number of licensed AM and FM radio stations across the U.S. as of Aug. 20, t... More

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When Cable Broadband Was a ‘Channel’

I recently completed a cross-country move and, during that process, came across a lot of stuff I had... More

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Death of a Dragon Slayer

RELATED: Jones Was Cable’s Renaissance Man   I was nervous as hell on the flight from N... More

Cable Needs A Tailwind

  You would be hard pressed to find a better performing category of stocks than cable –


When the 108-year-old hickory tree came crashing through our family room on Monday night, the hou

Kids of Summer

Sometimes you can win a game just by letting your competitor make mistakes.Our cover story this we