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Swagalicious SAG

The Screen Actors Guild Awards holiday auction closes Sunday, Dec. 14, at 6 p.m., so anyone looking ... More

Investing In Title II

Who says Title II will discourage investment? Web site is now trading in shares of "wi

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Translating The Year In Tech

After thumbing through every 2014 issue of this magazine, five tech trends rose to the top:  ... More

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When Smart TVs Get Too Personal: What's The MSO Role?

  A recent blog about smart TVs from the New York University School of Law rekindled the pri... More

1 Gbps is for Slow Pokes

  As technical and operations managers fret about 1 Gigabit per second or even 100 Gbps tran

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And The No. 1 College Football Team Is...?

Rankings of all sorts seem to be an American passion, and when it comes to college football, perhaps... More

Don’t Split This Baby

Washington, D.C., is now buzzing with various “compromise” proposals to resolve the thorny issue

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2016: Democrats Win White House, FCC

  Last week, the momentum behind the huge topic that has broiled through several Republican ... More

Some 10 O'Clock Show Reviews

A few previews of shows I recommend early on this week:   Longmire, A&E, series 3 pre... More

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The Fault is Not in Our Starz

Apologies for the Shakespeare (and John Greene) reference, but talk again has resumed on a possible ... More

It’s Your Move, JB

With all the talk around 21st Century Fox’s pursuit of Time Warner Inc., something I fear is getti

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Back To The Future For PPV Events

This past Saturday featured two pay-per-view events that could help set the stage for an interesting... More

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No Bull: Longhorn Network Greets Christmas with Bevo Cam

Say what you will about the exalted status of SEC football and the not-so-glorious present for UT on... More

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Virgin Media Connects With Wearables

As the Consumer Electronic Show rapidly approaches, it’s abundantly clear that the Internet o... More

Squee! BBC America's The Musketeers

Television Critics Association, Beverly Hills - Well, this could be great fun… BBC Americ... More

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Honorable Mentions

TV viewers looking for some strong female-driven dramas have two terrific new options this summer, o... More

Cable Needs A Tailwind

  You would be hard pressed to find a better performing category of stocks than cable –


When the 108-year-old hickory tree came crashing through our family room on Monday night, the hou

Kids of Summer

Sometimes you can win a game just by letting your competitor make mistakes.Our cover story this we

Capacity Observations

DENVER — Capacity. It’s always a hot ticket at tech-fests, like the 2014 Society of Cable Teleco... More