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Getting a Rise Out of Trump Transition

C-SPAN, the indispensable public service network brought to you by your local cable/Internet/voice c... More

'The King' and I

Thanks to this job I have been served milk and cookies by June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley), gotten

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CES 2017: Invisible Threads, Very Sparkly!

LAS VEGAS — On the day before CES opened, a seven-mile trek through the ever-expanding exh... More

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Wireless Content, Distribution Examined (and Promoted) at Global Conference

"It's kind of hilarious that MWC and GDC happen at the exact same time. All of these headset makers ... More

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Stop Treating Broadband Like a Utility

As a long-time resident of rural Montana and a serial entrepreneur, I have witnessed firsthand the t... More

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6 More Trends Driving the Future of TV

Following up on six trends driving the future of content, here are six technology-enabled developmen... More

Objects of Desire in 'Building Star Trek'

At lunch the other day a Star Trek fan around my age admired the cool ad in our magazine for the upc... More

We Like It Like App

As this week’s cover story and four-page chart by Jeff Baumgartner point out — and you all proba

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Why Tidy Up If No One’s Coming Over?

Every time I ask my tween daughter to straighten up her room – and I mean every time – I am gree... More

Digital in the Details

Discovery Communications’ push into digital may seem like it’s stepping into a strange new world

DirecTV’s Foul Ball

After losing hundreds of customers to Los Angeles area competitors during its decision not to carry

Vertical Angles

Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts (pictured) said from the start that he wasn’t going to comm

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Doing ‘Time’ and Tackling Justice System Lapses

Controversies surrounding race and the U.S. criminal justice system have spurred a national debate i... More

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Multichannel Planner | Week of Feb. 27, 2017

Spring is in the air, the upfront march to May has begun, and here are some notable items on MCN edi... More

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Verizon Shows Sneak Peek of New Fios TV Platform at MWC

Verizon is demonstrating the next-gen, IP-powered version of its Fios TV platform at this week’s M... More

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Timing Was Right for Rocco

RELATED: Mediacom: 20 Years of Growth | Rocco Commisso: From Calabria to a Cable Chair... More

Cable Needs A Tailwind

  You would be hard pressed to find a better performing category of stocks than cable –