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4K On A Stick

A lot of 4K will be delivered digitally over managed IP connections and over-the-top, but that doesn’t mean the need for physical media will completely fade away.


Sling TV: Fine Young Cannibal?

Sling TV, Dish Network’s new OTT service that launched nationwide in February, is generally considered additive to the pay-TV pie because the single-stream service is crafted for cord-cutters and smaller service bundles.


But based on comments made by Dish chairman Charlie Ergen Wednesday on CNBC, there might be much more to it…eventually.


TiVo Tries A New Look

Is TiVo getting ready to shed its iconic logo – the smiling TV set equipped with feet, a set of antennas, and bright letters scrawled across its face?


Sony’s Route To PlayStation Vue

Long before Sony tried to beat cable operators at the pay-TV game, it tried hard – very hard -- to join them.


Layer3 TV Plays The Name Game

Layer3 TV, the stealthy “next generation” cable operator started up by two vets out of the cable realm, is still being hush-hush about its product, strategy and precise roll out date, but hints at what its resulting service might be called are starting to appear. 


Sling TV Users Lead ‘Cord Cheating’ Trend

In a trend evidently led by Sling TV users, more than 20% of adult broadband customers who stream from an OTT subscription service are “cord cheaters,” in that they use the credentials of someone else living outside their respective households, The Diffusion Group found in a new study.


HBO Now Pricing Could Vary

While Apple will offer HBO Now, the premium programmer’s coming stand-alone OTT service, for $14.95 per month, that price point apparently has the potential to move up or down, depending on how HBO and its other partners decide to sell it.


The FAQ for HBO Now acknowledges that “subscription prices may vary by participating partners.”


Sling TV: 100,000 Users And Counting?

Dish Network has yet to release any specific registration and subscription figures for Sling TV, its new slimmed-down OTT pay-TV offering tailored for tech-savvy millennials and cord-cutters, but evidence continues to mount that it’s in six-figures territory.


Pace Also On Board With Comcast’s ‘XG2’

Instead of figuring out who is developing a next-gen hybrid gateway for Comcast’s X1 platform, it might be a helpful exercise to determine who isn’t?


Offering more evidence that Comcast could be nearing the formal introduction of the mysterious “XG2” gateway, a version from U.K.-based set-top maker Pace recently passed through the FCC for testing.


HFC To Be ‘Cornerstone’ Tech For NBN

While there’s been some controversy surrounding what’s the right strategy for NBN Co due to a bit of an historical bias toward FTTP, hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) will be a “cornerstone” technology as Australia’s government-sponsored agency for next-gen broadband pushes ahead, Bruce McClelland, president of Network & Cloud and Global Services, said the day after vendor announced its chief role in the project.