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TiVo CEO Drops More Aereo Hints

TiVo’s plan to create a service along the lines of Aereo, but “done legally and better,” as TiVo CEO and president Tom Rogers put it recently, is still murky, though the company is expected to reveal all at an event in San Jose sometime in July.


Ad-Vantage Netflix?

Offering hints that advertising could eventually become a component of Netflix’s streaming business, several users have told Cord Cutter News that they have begun to see post-roll ads for Netflix originals show up when viewing content on the Xbox 360.


Going After the Gigabits

Time will tell how Altice Group’s proposed acquisition of Suddenlink Communications affects the U.S. MSO’s video strategy in the months and years ahead (Suddenlink has been working closely with TiVo), but it’s clear that both companies have something in common on the broadband side of the business—the pursuit of gigabit speeds.


Apple Mothballs Television Plan: Report

After years of speculation and rumor about the mythical Apple television, here’s another round of it that might put the topic to rest for a while… Apple, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday, quietly shelved the project more than a year ago after finding that it would be difficult to produce a product that could set it apart from the pack.

Verizon & AOL: It's All About Ads and Mobile Video

In 2001, at the height of the dot com bubble, AOL acquired Time Warner for $164 billion. The giant of content and distribution was diluted (and deluded) by the king of narrowband, just as the broadband Internet was taking hold. We all know how that story ended.


Now, fifteen years later, Verizon intends to purchase AOL for $4.4 billion in cash. On the surface, this deal may seem expensive, if not retro. But viewed through the lens of today’s media landscape, it is strategic, and perhaps even prescient.


Three Things Charter Had in Mind for GreatLand

As my colleague, Mike Farrell, noted, the collapse of the Comcast/Time Warner Cable deal carried a human toll for those who were poised to take on roles at GreatLand Connections, the would be MSO spin-off.


YouTube Tune-Up Tunes Out DirecTV

A recent update to the YouTube interface and the shutting down of an older version of the OTT platform’s API has caused the app to stop working on several older smart TVs, streaming devices and set-tops.


Beyond Resolution: From HD to 4K




Ultra HD is destined to be the next great leap forward for high-quality home entertainment.


Just as HDTV gave us a fourfold increase in video resolution over standard definition, Ultra HD (aka 4K) allows another quadrupling of picture clarity. (4K refers to the nearly 4,000 pixels per line of video.)


The New Order

Cablevision Systems, often seen as the MSO that tends to zig while the rest are zagging, appears to be blazing a path that could someday soon become the well-traveled road for other major pay TV operators – offer packages that are attractive to a broader set of consumers, including cord-cutters, while also embracing over-the-top.


Down Periscope

Periscope, Twitter’s new live streaming app, was in a bit of hot water with HBO after some of Periscope's users live-streamed the premium network’s April 12 season five premiere of Game Of Thrones, which is already wearing the crown of world’s most pirated TV show.