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The DVR’s Cloudy Future

TiVo has been testing a network/cloud DVR with several operators, including with Virgin Media, for a while but it doesn’t appear that anyone’s ready to take the plunge just yet. 


FiOS TV Starts to Unshackle its DVR

Dave Zatz sends word via his ZatzNotFunny blog that Verizon FiOS TV is starting to introduce a “DVR Anywhere” feature as part of its IMG software 3.0 upgrade.


Who Rules OTT’s Roost?

While it’s no surprise that Netflix is the top OTT subscription service, a new study from Parks Associates offers a deeper view into how other services are stacking up.


T-Mobile Wants to Binge On Streaming Partners, Too

Binge On, T-Mobile’s proprietary streaming offering that doesn’t count against mobile usage caps that also happens to tie into the Word of the Year, bolted from the blocks with about two dozen partners, including must-haves like Netflix alongside some mocking support for Verizon’s go90.


Roku Gears up for Black Friday

Consumers looking to snap up new Roku on Black Friday will have to shell out a little less green to get one.


Roku offered a sneak peek at its Black Friday specials, led by an “SE” (for special edition) model that will be available in limited supply and go for $25, a deep discount from a suggested retail price of $49.99.


Good-Bye, Betamax

So, when I read the news that Sony is “finally killing its ancient Betamax format,” I was shocked. Wasn’t it dead already?


Almost dead, as it turns out. Sony’s about to toss the last heaps of sand on the Betamax grave, 40 years after the format was born.


As CNN and other media outlets reported, Sony will stop making Betamax tapes in March 2016, about 14 years after the company stopped producing Betamax players/recorders.

Word Up

If you didn’t already realize it, binge-watching is a thing now. And, just this week, it became a more official thing.


Active Story

I love story, it’s why I got into filmmaking. I love the archetypal form of the written story, the many compositional techniques to achieve a visual story, and using layers of association to tell story with sound. But most of all, I love story because of its capacity to teach. Telling a story to teach an idea, it has been argued, is the most fundamental technology for social progress.


Fox Seeks More Ad ‘Engagement’ via Hulu

Hulu recently launched an ad-free option for subscribers who don’t mind paying a few dollars more, but the over-the-top video provider and one of its close programming partners (and part owner) are still working on ways to keep its other viewers tuned in when commercials appear on-screen.


X1 + YouTube?

Comcast announced today that it landed its first customer in Connecticut for Xfinity Communities, a program that’s been specially tailored to provide services to apartment buildings, healthcare facilities, and some swanky single-family home communities.