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Google Fiber Has Comcast’s Attention

Comcast already tangles with Google Fiber in Provo, Utah, so it knows what it’s up against as its emerging rival begins to encroach on another Comcast market, Atlanta.


Viewers Went ‘Crazy’ for PuppyMonkeyBaby

Big Data. This there anything it can't do? 


By now, we’ve pretty much had our fill of which ads from Super Bowl 50 received the most attention during the big game, but  Canvs has mined social networking data to reveal how viewers felt about those super-expensive spots.


TiVo Data Reveals Top Super Bowl 50 Moments

C.J. Anderson’s TD plunge late in Super Bowl 50 that extended the Denver Broncos’s lead over the Carolina Panthers was the “top moment” during the game, according to TiVo Research’s analysis of second-by-second data culled form 30,000 anonymous households.


On the ad front, the  Doritos – Sonogram spot was tops, according to that same data.


The Super Bowl of Tweets

Super Bowl Sunday will have no shortage of promos and marketing tilts all aimed at grabbing our attention.


So, here’s one more you might want to know about, especially if your TV is getting a bit long in the tooth.


Facebook Traffic a ‘Strong Estimator’ of NFL Game Tune-Ins

With Super Bowl 50 just around the corner, Facebook presented fresh data in tandem with Nielsen suggesting that activity on the social network is a “strong estimator” of TV tune-in during the first minute of NFL games.


Why YouTube Cares About Content Quality

After the launch of YouTube Red, Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair declared, “YouTube videos are, by and large, hot stinky garbage. But we watch them, because they are free garbage. And we love free things!”


Facebook Happy, Patient About VR Biz  

Facebook continues to preach cautious optimism about Oculus Rift, the high-end virtual reality headset/platform that will start to ship to consumers in April.


Regarding pre-orders, which opened up earlier this month, Facebook isn’t offering any sales figures yet, but seems satisfied with the early results.


May The Forces Be With You

Today’s connected consumers demand the ability to watch any video, anytime, anywhere with the same quality and viewing experience they’d get from watching broadcast TV on their HD flat screen. The average American now owns four digital devices, making them more digitally savvy than ever before.


Smart TVs Top Streaming Preference: Study

Though Roku players, Amazon Fire TV boxes and the new Apple TV device remain popular, smart TVs beat them all when it comes to which platform consumers prefer for streaming video.


That’s according to a new survey from The Diffusion Group that queried 2,000 U.S. adult broadband users, of which 60% use an over-the-top streaming service on their home TVs.


Study: 20% of U.S. MVPDs Integrate OTT

The bulk of the nation’s MVPDs have yet to integrate Netflix and other over-the-top apps at the set-top level, but  about 20% of them do, and the net effect of those integrations remain “inconclusive,” SNL Kagan analyst Ian Olgeirson found in new study.