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The Post-CableCARD Path

The commercial agreement between Comcast and TiVo announced last week outlined big ambitions, but provided little in terms of how they intend to execute on a plan to help TiVo boxes bought at retail gain access to Comcast’s full suite of subscription video services without a clunky CableCARD.


Roku Tosses A Hulu Hook

Looking to amp up its own user base while doing the same for one of its OTT partners, Roku has launched a promotion that offers two free months of Hulu Plus to customers who buy any new Roku player by September 30.  


T-Mobile Exempts Music From Cellular Caps

In a move that might get the attention of network neutrality advocates, T-Mobile said it will allow customers to stream music from several popular services without eating into their monthly 4G/LTE cellular data caps.


What’s Next For Sling?

Dave Zatz of the ZatzNotFunny blog has spotted a new Slingbox model that passed through the hallowed halls of the FCC recently, meaning that its formal debut should soon follow.


Dish To Harness The Haters

Dish Network hasn’t shed a lot of light on its coming over-the-top pay-TV service, but it’s increasingly clear on who it will be going after with this personalized streaming offering that’s in the works.  


Putting WiFi On Track

If you’ve spent much time using Amtrak’s WiFi system, you already know this – it’s not good for much.


If you’re lucky, it provides just enough connectivity for email and some simple Web browsing. Most of the time, though, connectivity is slow and spotty. Need to download a big document? Forget it. Streaming Netflix or using your Slingbox? Not allowed.

What’s Next For OnCue?

It turns out that Erik Huggers is not the only former Intel Media exec who’s not sticking around for the ride after Verizon Communications snapped up the division and its over-the-top “OnCue” platform about five months ago, raising more questions about how the telco intends to proceed with those assets.


Google High On Satellite Broadband?

Google, following up on plans to bring Internet access to the globe via drone and high-altitude balloons, is looking to shell out more than $1 billion on a fleet of low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites, according to The Wall Street Journal.


STB Market ‘Ripe For Further Consolidation’: Analyst

As the proposed marriages of Comcast and Time Warner and AT&T and DirecTV move forward, this latest wave of consolidation is poised to have an effect on the telecom supplier market, creating a fresh batch of winners and losers.


How Big Can Netflix Get?

As Netflix prepares to invade six more countries in Europe later this year, Berstein Research analyst Carlos Kirjner attempted to size up the streaming giant’s global opportunities in a report issued last week.


The “opportunity is more limited than many realize,” the analyst wrote, noting that infrastructure and affordability issues will limit Netflix in markets such as Latin America.