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TiVo’s Future Retail Road Could Take Different Path

TiVo’s days as a maker of hardware products for retail sale and for distribution through MVPD partners could be nearing the end.


4K UHD Awareness Rising

Adoption of 4K TVs has a way to go, but the good news for TV makers is that awareness of sets that use the pixel-packed format is on the rise.


According to a new report from NPD Connected Intelligence, 52% of people surveyed said they are aware of 4K/Ultra HD TV products, a stat that spikes to 73% among consumers who own an Internet-connected TV.


Google Stops Selling the Nexus Player

If you had plans to buy the Google Nexus Player, the first device to run on Android TV, your options are growing increasingly limited.


As reported by Droid Life and other media outlets, Google has stopped direct sales of the Asus-made Nexus Player via the Google Store.


Study: 85% of Internet Users Surf While Watching TV

The amount of time TV viewers spend on mobile devices while they’re watching continues to broaden, further fragmenting the attention of the audience, according to a new study from eMarketer.


Nearly 85% of Internet users surf the Web on a mobile device while they’re watching TV at least once per month, up from 80.3% in 2015 and 75.6% in 2014, eMarketer found in its latest study on the topic. The research firm also predicts that the number will rise to about 88% in 2017, and almost 92% in 2018.


INTX 2016: TiVo Working on MSO-Optimized 4K-HDR Platform

Boston -- TiVo has entered the 4K game with the Bolt, a connected DVR focused on retail, but it’s also hard at work with set-top partners on  “operator-optimized” products that also support 4K as well as High Dynamic Range, which supports brighter, more colorful video images.


INTX 2016: WOW Puts Cloud DVR on Roadmap

Boston -- IP-VOD and a cloud DVR are among the services that WideOpenWest is planning to add to a new hybrid QAM/IP platform it’s deploying in partnership with Evolution Digital and TiVo, WOW chief technology officer Cash Hagen said here during a brief interview at INTX.


WOW is the first MVPD to deploy Evolution’s eBOX, which is being outfitted with TiVo’s software and user interface.


Project Sansar’s Next Step

Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life, appears to be making progress with Project Sansar, the label currently affixed to the company’s new project – a new digitized world that will be made to work with some of the latest virtual reality platforms.


Linden Lab recently announced that it is seeking applicants for a “Creator Preview” for Project Sansar, with the expectation that they’ll be picked by this summer ahead of an anticipated commercial rollout by the end of 2016.

Mohu Turns Old Set-Tops Into New Cord-Cutting Tools

Old set-tops like the crusty DCT-2000 might make for a good door stop or bookend, but Mohu has discovered a new, more resourceful use for them – mash them into bits and turn that recycled material into antennas that can easily capture free, digital over-the-air TV signals.


The Data Games

Big Data can help companies make predictions about a lot of things. How much bandwidth will I need two years from now? What are my opportunities to upsell a customer? How vulnerable is my network to an outage? Which country will win the most medals in Rio this summer?