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UPC Hungary Tunes In More YouTube

Six months into a rollout of an apps platform that integrates YouTube with the set-top box, the percentage of available subs accessing the popular online video service via the STB UPC Hungary’s footprint has risen to 80%,  Arpad Jordan, CTO of UPC Central and Eastern Europe, said at the OTT World Summit in London, according to remarks supplied to Multichannel News.


GigaPower Unplugged

Ah, politics. Just two days after President Obama asked the FCC to pursue Title II reclassification of broadband services, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said the telco will pause further fiber investment until after the company has a better fix on the rules it will be operating under. 


Quality Leads Encoding Wish List: Envivio

When it comes to video encoding sales, the price doesn’t necessarily have to be right.


That’s one of the takeaways I got from a new customer survey conducted by TechValidate Research on behalf of encoding firm and overall multiscreen video tech specialist firm Envivio, which found that most (68%) tapped in to add support for new services, while 43% were looking to improve their video compression efficiency.


Fake Buffering?

The White House appears to have put a fake "buffering" symbol and several-second delay before the President's video Monday announcing his desire to reclassify Internet access under Title II to prevent ISPs from slowing 'net traffic.


Check the "buffering" icon at the beginning, which is clearly part of the video production rather than an actual buff.


VUDU Making a Streaming Stick, Too

So, make room for yet another HDMI-connected, WiFi-fueled video streaming stick – the VUDU Spark.


Nexus Player Gets Mixed Reviews

Based on the early reviews, the Nexus Player, the first device to be powered by the new Android TV platform, has some promising capabilities along with some rough edges and shortcomings, making it a product that will likely have a hard time gaining much ground on the Apple TV and Roku.


Here’s a rundown of some the early takes on the Nexus Player:


Verizon FIOS Offers The Gift Of Netflix

Verizon and Netflix have not always seen eye-to-eye, but the two appear to be working toward the common good in New York, where the telco is pitching a triple-play promo capped off by a full year of Netflix and a $150 Visa gift card.


Comcast Goes For ‘True Gig’ Trademark

Presenting a possible hint that Comcast is gearing up to launch a residential 1 Gbps broadband service, the operator recently filed a trademark application for “True Gig.”


The application, first spotted by The Donohue Report, was filed on October 20, 2014, and covers high-speed access via traditional ISP services, wireless and wireless, and different access technologies, including HFC and fiber.


Sales Of Fire TV Stick Off To Hot Start

I already have more TV streaming devices than televisions in my household, but I couldn’t resist taking the bait just hours after Amazon presented its two-day special offer on the new Fire TV Stick – just $19 for Prime members.