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Nexus Player Gets Mixed Reviews

Based on the early reviews, the Nexus Player, the first device to be powered by the new Android TV platform, has some promising capabilities along with some rough edges and shortcomings, making it a product that will likely have a hard time gaining much ground on the Apple TV and Roku.


Here’s a rundown of some the early takes on the Nexus Player:


Verizon FIOS Offers The Gift Of Netflix

Verizon and Netflix have not always seen eye-to-eye, but the two appear to be working toward the common good in New York, where the telco is pitching a triple-play promo capped off by a full year of Netflix and a $150 Visa gift card.


Comcast Goes For ‘True Gig’ Trademark

Presenting a possible hint that Comcast is gearing up to launch a residential 1 Gbps broadband service, the operator recently filed a trademark application for “True Gig.”


The application, first spotted by The Donohue Report, was filed on October 20, 2014, and covers high-speed access via traditional ISP services, wireless and wireless, and different access technologies, including HFC and fiber.


Sales Of Fire TV Stick Off To Hot Start

I already have more TV streaming devices than televisions in my household, but I couldn’t resist taking the bait just hours after Amazon presented its two-day special offer on the new Fire TV Stick – just $19 for Prime members. 


Non-Linear Video Keeps Lead Over Linear TV In Broadband Homes

Linear video will never die, but it’s clearly not the primary way consumers in broadband-connected homes are consuming their video.


Amplifying the trend toward video-on-demand, the DVR and over-the-top streaming services, Parks Associates said a new study found that the average U.S. broadband household watches 17.4 hours of non-linear video per week, versus 11.5 hours of linear video.


Google Two-Pronged TV Play

Google still hasn’t revealed sales or shipment figures for Chromecast since the streaming adapter took the market by storm about 15 months ago, but it’s clear that usage of the platform is still on the rise.


TV Everywhere Still Growing

Despite a trend that is seeing more programmers, including CBS and HBO, launch or plan to launch over-the-top, direct-to-consumer subscription video products, usage of authenticated TV Everywhere services is still on the upswing.


Netflix Subs Must Pay Freight For 4K

If you’re one of the few consumers out there who has the technical wherewithal to stream Netflix’s limited library of Ultra HD content, you’ll be paying a bit more for the privilege. And we're not just talking about the premium price for a 4K-capable TV set.


Icahn Takes On The Mythical Apple Television

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn alerted the world Wednesday via Twitter to expect an “interesting" open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook to emerge on Thursday. Little did we know that it would be quite entertaining as well.


It’s been awhile since anyone has stirred things up about that mysterious Apple television. Leave it to Icahn (iCahn?) to stoke the flames of hype.


Sony’s OTT-TV Play: Priced To Sell?

Sony’s over-the-top subscription TV service could serve up to 100 channels and fetch up to $80 per month, the New York Post reported Sunday (October 5), with sources telling the paper that the CE giant “got creamed in [carriage] negotiations.”