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How Machine Learning Is Changing the Game for Content Metadata

These are the best of times for entertainment content owners and distributors—but they are also very challenging times. There is more content—often great content—than ever before and also vastly more competition due to the rise of streaming services, as well as on-demand options.

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This presents a challenge for content owners and distributors: how to stand out from the crowd and help viewers find what they want.

2018 Predictions: Business Co-Opetition, Competition, and Transformation

2017 saw a great deal of shake-up in the cable and telecom landscape – with waves of disruption crashing and rippling through the industry from all directions.

Three Things to Watch for in 2018

The media landscape saw steady change in 2017. High Dynamic Range (HDR) moved to the forefront and consumers took advantage of even more skinny bundle offerings as they continue to look for ways to cut or shave the cord. Artificial intelligence became more accessible and had a big impact on consumer interaction.

The question is, how will the tides turn in the next 365 days? Here are my predictions for 2018:

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Becomes Ubiquitous

Magic Leap Intros ‘Creator’s Edition’ AR Platform

Magic Leap, the well-heeled and super-secretive augmented reality startup, has finally shed some light on its early product plans.

Sling TV Pulls Support for Channel Master’s DVR+

Sling TV has apparently yanked support on the Channel Master DVR+, a device for cord-cutters that integrates certain OTT content with over-the-air broadcast TV.

As reported by FreeTVBlog, Sling TV sent an alert to subscribers of the change.

“The time has come for us to bid farewell to one of our devices. Soon, Sling TV will no longer be supported on Channel Master.”

Here’s Why T-Mobile is Buying Layer3 TV

T-Mobile wants to do to pay-TV what it did to the wireless industry. It is buying Layer3 TV to help. But Layer3’s model is hardly disruptive. So why buy it? The answer is in Layer3’s architecture and the future of the T-Mobile network.

T-Mobile has announced it will acquire Layer3 TV, a four-year-old pay television company.

Verizon Puts Netflix on Some Fios TV Boxes

Verizon Communications appears to be the latest MVPD to integrate Netflix on its set-top boxes.

Per a support page, spotted this week by Fierce Cable, Netflix has been integrated on three models: the IPC1100P2 and IPC1100P1 (client), and the VMS1100 DVR (pictured).

Consumers Says UX Is Top Feature for Smart TVs, Streaming Players: Study

A solid user experience is a top desire from consumers on smart TVs and TV-connected streaming devices, Parks Associates found its a new “Market Snapshot” study of that sector.

Apple Snares Mixed Reality Headset Company

Apple has reportedly acquired AR headset company Vrvana amid recent chatter that the company intends to develop and launch an augmented reality headset as early as 2020.

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Comcast Pulls Remote DVR Scheduling Feature From Stream App

Comcast has yanked a feature from its Stream app for mobile devices and web browsers that enables subscribers to schedule DVR recordings remotely.

The removal of that feature comes a few days after the International Trade Commission issued a final ruling that Comcast had violated two TiVo patents, and a “limited exclusion order” that prohibits the importation of certain DVR receivers and software components.