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HFC To Be ‘Cornerstone’ Tech For NBN

While there’s been some controversy surrounding what’s the right strategy for NBN Co due to a bit of an historical bias toward FTTP, hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) will be a “cornerstone” technology as Australia’s government-sponsored agency for next-gen broadband pushes ahead, Bruce McClelland, president of Network & Cloud and Global Services, said the day after vendor announced its chief role in the project.


Oscar-Nominated Films Become A Pirate Magnet

As millions of movie-lovers prepare to fill out their ballots ahead of Sunday night’s Academy Awards, Irdeto checked in with some fresh data showing that piracy picked up sizably after the films nominated were announced. 


Taking ‘Freewheel’ For a Spin

Following the launch of Freewheel, Cablevision Systems’ new WiFi-only phone service, on February 5, the reviews are starting to trickle in from sources such as GigaOm and Consumer Reports.


The early verdict is that the service shows some promise and a decent option for certain use cases, but will likely serve as a niche product in its current form. 


Sling TV -- Now Comes The Hard Part

When I reviewed the Sling TV service last month, I noted that the new OTT offering worked well from a technical standpoint, tying in easy-to-use interfaces that work well across different platforms, whether on the iPad or a Roku 3.

Huggers: 2015 A ‘Breakthrough Year’ For TV As An App

Erik Huggers, the former Intel Media exec who headed up OnCue prior to its sale to Verizon Communications last year, is still a big believer in over-the-top video and its ability to change and disrupt the pay-TV landscape.


BigBand Founder’s New Thing: Pixie

The last time we heard from Amir Bassan-Eskenazi it was 2011 and he was heading up the sale of BigBand Networks – the switched digital video pioneer he co-founded -- to Arris for about $53 million.


Samsung-Made ‘XG2’ Surfaces At FCC

Marking another step forward for a next-gen device for Comcast’s X1 platform, an iteration of the mysterious “XG2” box spec’d out by Comcast has passed through the FCC.


This one,  made by Samsung, comes a few months after a rendering of it from Cisco Systems made an appearance online. 


Auf Wiedersehen, Kabel Deutschland

Vodafone will push ahead with its plans to rebrand Kabel Deutschland, the German MSO it acquired in the fall of 2013.


VUDU Lights Up ‘Spark’ Streaming Stick

Walmart is nearing the launch of has launched the Spark, an HDMI-connected TV streaming stick that shares some of the basic functionalities found in other devices in the category such as the Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick and Amazon Fire TV Stick. 


Netflix CEO: 25 Mbps Should Be New ‘Baseline’

Count Netflix CEO Reed Hastings among the fans of an FCC proposal to bump the definition of broadband from 4 Mbps downstream to 25 Mbps down.