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Three Things Charter Had in Mind for GreatLand

As my colleague, Mike Farrell, noted, the collapse of the Comcast/Time Warner Cable deal carried a human toll for those who were poised to take on roles at GreatLand Connections, the would be MSO spin-off.


YouTube Tune-Up Tunes Out DirecTV

A recent update to the YouTube interface and the shutting down of an older version of the OTT platform’s API has caused the app to stop working on several older smart TVs, streaming devices and set-tops.


Beyond Resolution: From HD to 4K




Ultra HD is destined to be the next great leap forward for high-quality home entertainment.


Just as HDTV gave us a fourfold increase in video resolution over standard definition, Ultra HD (aka 4K) allows another quadrupling of picture clarity. (4K refers to the nearly 4,000 pixels per line of video.)


The New Order

Cablevision Systems, often seen as the MSO that tends to zig while the rest are zagging, appears to be blazing a path that could someday soon become the well-traveled road for other major pay TV operators – offer packages that are attractive to a broader set of consumers, including cord-cutters, while also embracing over-the-top.


Down Periscope

Periscope, Twitter’s new live streaming app, was in a bit of hot water with HBO after some of Periscope's users live-streamed the premium network’s April 12 season five premiere of Game Of Thrones, which is already wearing the crown of world’s most pirated TV show.


Netflix IDs Its First ‘Recommended’ Smart TVs

About four months after announcing its “Recommended TV” program at CES, Netflix this week revealed the identity of the models that made the cut, based on Netflix’s evaluation of criteria that covered areas such as streaming performance (how rapidly the apps launch, resume and playback video), ease of access to apps, and features such as “

On Net Neutrality

The following two-part series on the topic of network neutrality by cable and telecom industry vet Marc Tayer is being republished here with permission.


Network Neutrality, Part I: Did The FCC Miss The Mark?


Weather Channel Parent Is First Partner in IBM $3B IoT Venture

The Weather Company and IBM have launched a "global strategic alliance" that will integrate real-time weather "big data" into an array of services, primarily aimed at business/professional customers but also affecting data collection and delivery via TWC's subsidiary The Weather Channel and other media outlets. 


4K On A Stick

A lot of 4K will be delivered digitally over managed IP connections and over-the-top, but that doesn’t mean the need for physical media will completely fade away.


Sling TV: Fine Young Cannibal?

Sling TV, Dish Network’s new OTT service that launched nationwide in February, is generally considered additive to the pay-TV pie because the single-stream service is crafted for cord-cutters and smaller service bundles.


But based on comments made by Dish chairman Charlie Ergen Wednesday on CNBC, there might be much more to it…eventually.