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Project Sansar’s Next Step

Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life, appears to be making progress with Project Sansar, the label currently affixed to the company’s new project – a new digitized world that will be made to work with some of the latest virtual reality platforms.


Linden Lab recently announced that it is seeking applicants for a “Creator Preview” for Project Sansar, with the expectation that they’ll be picked by this summer ahead of an anticipated commercial rollout by the end of 2016.

Mohu Turns Old Set-Tops Into New Cord-Cutting Tools

Old set-tops like the crusty DCT-2000 might make for a good door stop or bookend, but Mohu has discovered a new, more resourceful use for them – mash them into bits and turn that recycled material into antennas that can easily capture free, digital over-the-air TV signals.


The Data Games

Big Data can help companies make predictions about a lot of things. How much bandwidth will I need two years from now? What are my opportunities to upsell a customer? How vulnerable is my network to an outage? Which country will win the most medals in Rio this summer?


Streaming Snafu Hits ‘Small Number’ of HBO Now Subs

In another example showing that OTT still doesn't rival the reliability of more traditional pay TV distribution services/platforms, HBO Now struggled during Sunday’s the season six premiere of Game of Thrones for a subset of subscribers who apparently were new to the offering or trying to renew an existing subscription.


Google Fiber Vision: ‘To Create Abundant and Ubiquitous Networks’

The ultimate goal of Google Fiber remains a mysterious one. Does it plan to create a long-term, sustainable and profitable business, or is the plan to help to establish a workable game plan for municipal providers while also prodding other ISPs to accelerate their move to speeds of 1 Gbps and beyond?  We explored the ambitions of Google Fiber in this recent cover story (subscription required).


Google Cast Coming to Google Fiber: Report

Google Cast, a technology that’s used with Chromecast and other devices that lets consumers fling OTT video from smartphones to the TV screen, will apparently become part of the Google Fiber arsenal.


The Masters and 4K: A Tipping Point or Just a Cool One-Off Event?

Stunning color. Leaves rustling in the wind. An image so clear that you can see the dimples on the ball. That was the Masters in 4K, the first U.S. broadcast of content in Ultra High Definition (UHD).


Layer3 TV Inches Toward Launch

Layer3 TV, the Denver-based startup that is taking a fresh angle on the business of providing pay TV services, has been relatively quiet about its technology and its launch plans, but some details were revealed in this profile in Wired.