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Arris Not Boxed Out Of ‘Worldbox’ Opportunity

While Cisco Systems was identified at last week's CES gadgetfest as a “key” supplier of Charter Communications’ new "Worldbox” through 2015, the market “overreacted” to the news, according to Bob Stanzione, Arris’s chairman and CEO.


Broadcom Dangles A Video Dongle

With HDMI streaming sticks from Google, Roku and Amazon still all the rage, it follows that the cable operators will eventually offer set-tops box in this popular form-factor.


DOCSIS 3.1…In The Flesh

Las Vegas -- Amid all the new 4K TVs, connected wearables and other fancy gadgets, this year’s International CES has also served as a progress report of sorts for DOCSIS 3.1, cable’s next-gen IP platform that will be capable of delivering up to 10 Gbps downstream and as much as 2 Gbps in the upstream.


Virgin Media Connects With Wearables

As the Consumer Electronic Show approaches, it’s abundantly clear that the Internet of Things will be a big, big thing. My inbox is bulging with invites to come see the latest in Internet-connected wearables.


Android TV Drops ‘Live Channels’ Hint

Google caused some excitement Wednesday with the release of a “Live Channels for  Android TV” app


While live is right there in the label, it doesn’t appear to be live in the sense that it’s compatible yet with any device, including the Nexus Player, the first Android TV-powered box.


Video Engineers Offer 4K TV Holiday Advice

It’s the week that ends with Black Friday Crazy, which means it’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts. To assist you in your list, we asked our tech-side sages for advice.


Specifically, we asked the video engineering brain trust this simple question: “What are you telling your family and friends, when they ask you if they should buy an Ultra HD/4K TV?”


The overwhelming majority (14 of 24 responses) replied with variations on “wait.”


Here’s a sampling:


MobiTV’s Streaming Stick Pops Up

Hat tip to tech blogger Dave Zatz for spotting the coming MobiTV “Connect” HDMI streaming stick as it passed through the FCC for testing. Far as I can tell, this is the first time the device’s form factor has popped up in some public documentation. Previously, MobiTV has been sharing a doodle representation of its new doodad.


UPC Hungary Tunes In More YouTube

Six months into a rollout of an apps platform that integrates YouTube with the set-top box, the percentage of available subs accessing the popular online video service via the STB UPC Hungary’s footprint has risen to 80%,  Arpad Jordan, CTO of UPC Central and Eastern Europe, said at the OTT World Summit in London, according to remarks supplied to Multichannel News.


GigaPower Unplugged

Ah, politics. Just two days after President Obama asked the FCC to pursue Title II reclassification of broadband services, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said the telco will pause further fiber investment until after the company has a better fix on the rules it will be operating under.