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Arris Pushes Back D3.1 Modem Launch

The retail availability of the first batch of DOCSIS 3.1 modems continues to be a bit of a moving target.


After it initially hoped to start selling its first DOCSIS 3.1 modem at retail by the end of 2016, Arris confirmed that it now expects to spark sales of the device, the SB8200, by “early 2017.”


Cable Moments in CES History

The cable industry has had an inconsistent relationship with CES, the annual gadget-fest that’s set to take place next week in Las Vegas.


In most years, the cable industry has ceded the CES spotlight to pay TV rivals such as DirecTV and Dish Network/EchoStar, relegating itself to spots on panels alongside an assortment of CE-related announcements that faced the challenge of rising above the noise.


Exclusives Driving New Viewers to ‘Watchable,' Comcast Says 

Comcast’s decision to focus on exclusive series for Watchable, its ad-based, short-form OTT video offering, is producing some early results.


Since launching its initial slate of exclusive fare for Watchable in August, 37% of all new viewers to the platform have come into sample those exclusive titles. Engagement with Watchable’s full complement of content has also risen 26% since exclusives were introduced, Comcast said.


Amazon Boosts Subscription ‘Channel’ Count Near Century Mark

About a year after its debut, Amazon Channels, Amazon Prime’s subscription VOD aggregation service, has expanded to nearly 100 ‘channels.’


That’s up from the 30-plus that were on board when the offering debuted in December 2015, and up from the 75 or so partners that were part of Amazon Channels as of September 2016.


Netgear Hatching More DOCSIS 3.1 Retail Efforts

Netgear appears to be gearing up to sell its first DOCSIS 3.1 product at some other retailers in the weeks to come.


In addition to confirmed distribution via Amazon, Fry’s Electronics and Best Buy, a reader noticed that Newegg is promoting the CM1000 for $179.99 and has set a release date of Dec. 21.


Building Fiber Networks: Difficult and Lame?

Building a fiber network from scratch isn’t just a difficult, prodding process, but apparently doesn’t possess enough pizzaz for the liking of Alphabet’s top exec, according to an in-depth Bloomberg story focused on how CFO Ruth Porat is trying to bring more financial discipline to the company, known for its array of money-losing “moonshot” projects, along with passages on why Alphabet’s be

The Digital Video Advertising Juggernaut

Digital video ad spend will reach $9.59 billion by the end of 2016, showing unprecedented growth over the last year. We’re watching more video than ever – thanks to the proliferation of new platforms, but the smart money is betting on mobile. However, there is no shortage of innovation in the category. 


OTT Confusion

Comcast has said time and time again that offering a OTT-TV service outside its own footprint doesn’t make economic sense, and that it is content, for now, to focus on bumping video sub numbers in-footprint with X1, its next-gen platform. 


DirecTV Now’s ‘Customer Lifetime Value’ Not Favorable: Analyst

The pricing and packaging of DirecTV Now are poised to generate subscriber growth, but the economic value of AT&T’s new OTT-TV service is a far cry from its traditional pay TV offerings, according to a top industry analyst.


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Television Is a Two-Way Street

Say goodbye to the American couch potato. No longer are TV viewers content to just sit on the couch, flip through channels until they find something semi-entertaining. Today, they don't think twice about fast-forwarding through irrelevant ads or cutting the cord on cable packages. They expect seamless, on-demand and more personalized viewing across whatever screen they want to watch their favorite content.