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The ‘Uber-ization’ of Cable

Before the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo fades deeper into our memory banks, it’s a good time to bring up one of the show’s primary themes – improving the customer experience. 


Cable-Tec Expo 2014: Five Takeaways

Another SCTE Cable-Tec Expo is in the books, and there was plenty to see and do in Denver, and there’s more to think about as the dust continues to settle, but here are five quick takeaways:


The TV Everywhere Blame Game

Whenever the topic of TV Everywhere usage comes up, tricky and kluge authentication systems are typically viewed as the biggest barriers to wide-scale consumer adoption.


i.TV Spins Up ‘Spit’ App For Sports Nuts

“Spit is awesome!”


Mark that down. This might be the first time you’ll see the words “spit” and “awesome” together in the same sentence, when the word “not” is not also in there close by.


Yet, there it is on this Web page promoting a new mobile app from i.TV that lets pals go head-to-head during nationally televised sporting events.


Arris Spruces Up Its Set-Top Lineup

The trend may be toward the so-called “virtualization” of the set-top box as more of those functions get packed into the cloud, but that doesn’t mean traditional boxes will be going the way of the dodo anytime soon.


Dish Preparing To Serve Up ‘nutv’?

It’s appearing more and more likely that “nutv” will be the brand that Dish Network will apply to its upcoming over-the-top subscription video service that’s being tailored for a small but growing group of cord-cutters and cord-nevers.  


Amazon Livens Up Its Streaming Share

Amazon’s $970 million acquisition of Twitch will give it access to a company that has locked up a good chunk of live streaming traffic in the U.S., but its overall OTT video contribution apparently won’t be nearly as significant.


TiVo Has ‘BIG’ Plans For CEDIA

TiVo isn’t letting the cat out of the bag yet, but the company clearly has some new product plans in store for the upcoming CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) confab, set for Sept. 10-13 in Denver.


As Dave Zatz points out on his gadget blog, ZatzNotFunny, speculation is that TiVo will use CEDIA to unveil a higher-capacity version of its DVR platform.


Whatever It Takes

Suddenlink Communications isn’t revealing a lot of technical detail for “Operation GigaSpeed,” a new initiative that aims to offer downstream speeds of 1 Gbps in 90% of its footprint by 2017, alongside significant speed boosts for other high-speed Internet tiers.