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Hire Costs: Tech Job Recruiting Faces More Hurdles in Top Markets

Operations executives who continually fret about the difficulty of hiring top technical talent -- either at programming or system operating companies -- will take small solace from a new analysis by CBRE Group Inc., although the real estate firm's "Scoring Tech Talent Report" quantifies their concerns and offers some explanations why competing companies "are willing to pay a premium for top" technology staff.

A Beginner's Guide to '5G'

The occasion of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona seemed a perfect occasion to drop in on the tech talk amongst wireless people. Like that luxuriously short, two-character, highly nebulous umbrella term that is “5G.”

Let’s start with what 5G isn’t. It isn’t 5 GHz (Gigahertz, which is a frequency/spectrum thing).

52% of Online Video Is Seen on Mobile Devices

Mobile viewing now represents 52% of online video views, and consumers are watching more mid- to long-form content on any device, regardless of screen size, according to Ooyala's Third Quarter 2016 Global Video Index, published on Tuesday.


This marks the second consecutive quarter in which more than half of all online viewing was done on mobile devices, according to the video/telecom research/services firm. 


Mad for Baseball!

It was the best of times and the worst of times for Major League Baseball.

Objects of Desire in 'Building Star Trek'

At lunch the other day a Star Trek fan around my age admired the cool ad in our magazine for the upcoming Building Star Trek special on Smithsonian Channel.

Applying OTT Strategy to Innovation Adoption Lifecycle

Over-the-top (OTT) viewing itself may be common, but no two networks approach the concept exactly alike. Some are yet to offer a single program online, while the other end of the spectrum is full of Hulu-esque providers that have never had a numbered channel to turn to. If TV right now isn’t a Wild Wild West of offerings, it’s close. 


The Technological Legacy of Time Warner Cable

It was Sir Isaac Newton who said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” The same might be said of many of the companies that today comprise the television and internet universe. This is particularly noteworthy today, as some of the companies responsible for fundamental innovations in the way we connect and communicate, are being absorbed, by consolidation, into larger entities.


Enhancing, Engaging and Expanding the Video Repertoire

BOSTON -- The expected consumer appetite for virtual reality and high-quality video -- such as Ultra High Definition and High Dynamic Range content -- plus the eagerness of program producers to exploit the new display technologies will "drive the need for the gigabit home," says Charles Cheevers, chief technology officer-customer premises at Arris.

Behind the Return of 'Punkin Chunkin'


There were lots of important-sounding initiatives mentioned at the Discovery Communications upfront. Documentaries about planetary missions. Specials about audio pollution in the oceans, water use and wildlife conservation.


What caught my attention? Science Channel is bringing back Punkin Chunkin after a three-year hiatus.


We Like It Like App

As this week’s cover story and four-page chart by Jeff Baumgartner point out — and you all probably know already — more and more of our “television” consumption is being done via apps instead of via cable or satellite or over the air.