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Live Sports Break Out of the Bundle

The advent of several new over-the-top subscription sports services could deliver a body blow to the traditional cable bundle.

One of most appealing value propositions of a cable or satellite TV package has been the ability to watch high-profile, live sports programming delivered by national and regional cable sports networks that can’t be seen elsewhere without subscribing to an expensive out-of-market pro sports streaming package.

Satellite Broadband Deserves Promoting

When it comes to the next generation of broadband services, fiber-based gigabit networks and 5G-enabled fixed wireless networks have drawn much-deserved attention. But satellite broadband services and integrated satellite and terrestrial services are becoming potent new sources of competition to the benefit of both residential consumers and enterprise customers.

MCN Online Extra | March 19, 2018

Losing Cool?
Party at Vice Media ends as concerned investors get serious with new CEO, strategy

multichannel.com | March 9-16

Comcast Launches New Accessible TV Features for 2018 Paralympics

The PyeongChang Paralympics are a great example of how Comcast NBCUniversal unites content, distribution and technology to bring a truly unique experience to millions of people across the country, including viewers with disabilities.

U.S. Broadband Services Not World Leaders, Study Finds

Although the U.S. ranks No. 1 in 10 of the 38 categories in a new global "Net Vitality" study, American broadband systems often fall into the middle range in many factors when compared with those in other countries, according to the report, which the Telecommunications Research and Policy Institute unveiled on Wednesday (March 7).

Why AI Is the Smart Play for OTT

Over-the-top video is now on par with cable and satellite, if the general consensus coming out of this year’s CES is to be believed.

Three Strategies to Take on Netflix

In just a few years’ time, the way we consume entertainment has changed drastically. Netflix and other video streaming services have taken the industry by storm, encouraging consumers to cut the cord and enjoy their content on demand. In fact, last year Netflix users collectively watched 1 billion hours of content each week, and more than 22 million U.S. adults were expected to drop cable services, up 33% from the previous year — a major blow to cable companies.

MCN Online Extra | March 5, 2018

Small Dish, Deep Decline
OTT growth can’t come fast enough for U.S. satellite-TV sector

Something Borrowed, Something New

Foreign-Born Black Americans: The Invisible Target Market

Marvel’s latest entry into the superhero movie genre collection, Black Panther (pictured), is breaking multiple box office records and with numerous cast members of African and Caribbean descent, it’s already igniting the national conversation about immigrants from these parts of the world.

IoT's Dynamic Cybersecurity Demands Require 'Light Touch' Rules, AEI Panel Says

Speaking alongside other panelists at a Capitol Hill luncheon briefing earlier this month, Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) reiterated his concern that IoT stands for "Internet of Threats."

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) insisted that consumers should know a so-called smart device can be hacked after they install it at home, but that government protections should have a "very light touch."