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Live Sports Break Out of the Bundle

The advent of several new over-the-top subscription sports services could deliver a body blow to the traditional cable bundle.

One of most appealing value propositions of a cable or satellite TV package has been the ability to watch high-profile, live sports programming delivered by national and regional cable sports networks that can’t be seen elsewhere without subscribing to an expensive out-of-market pro sports streaming package.

Live TV Online -- Even Sports -- Is Not Attracting Audiences

Live video streaming has yet to find a significant audience, according to a just-released Cogent Reports study by Market Strategies International, which found that only 11% of streaming customers pay for live streaming video. Moreover, the analysis identified a preference for watching over-the-top streams on smart TV sets in homes with those devices, although smartphones are also popular.

From On the Couch to On-the-Go

We are living in an on-the-go, on-demand world. Many television critics claim we are experiencing a golden age of programming, which in part has grown from a better understanding of emerging viewing habits and needs. Content is still where the true value lies, and there are a growing number of streaming services — both large and small — that stand out from the crowd by offering a carefully customized selection of content aimed at specific audiences.

MCN Online Extra | Dec. 4, 2017

New Balance of ’Net Power
FCC gets ready to abolish rules on ISPs as edge providers such as Facebook, Netflix draw more scrutiny

multichannel.com | Nov. 24-Dec. 1

IoT Raising Liability, Governance, Convergence Challenges

Internet of Things applications are generating a greater recognition of cross-industry involvement and the need for creative approaches to handle intricate connections, according to speakers at a Washington conference on online safety.

Voice Commands Speak to Future Benefits

Truly conversational devices are becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives. Through smart home devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, interactive “assistants” allow consumers to activate shortcuts to save time and help automate routine tasks — all using the sound of their own voice.

Hub Research Finds an OTT Tipping Point

More than half of TV viewers -- 52% -- say they watch their favorite shows online, while 48% watch through an MVPD set-top, according to Hub Entertainment Research's annual "Conquering Content" report, published last week.

Three Predictions for AI in 2018

We’re at an exciting time in society where revolutionary technology like artificial intelligence is beginning to find its way into nearly every industry. There is both a buzz about the positive benefits as well as voices of concern, but the truth is, the future of AI is a long road that we’ll all continue to walk.

As we begin to wrap up 2017, what does the near future look like for consumers and companies in the world of media and advertising? Here are three predictions: