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RDK Revisited: Use Cases


One of the questions swirling around the topic of RDK — the Reference Design Kit — is what it means, beyond getting to market more quickly with hardware and cloud-based services.

This was perhaps best phrased by reader John, who sent this email query last week: “RDK, service velocity, got it. Have you any more consumer-facing angles, so that I can pitch this to my management for budget? And win?”

What Engineers Want From Marketers

If you’re a marketer, you already know what drives you nuts about engineers — and vice versa.
Usually, it festers around who calls the shots on new product development.
Marketers, and especially those with packaged goods experience, want earlier involvement.
Engineers usually hear this lament many months (or years) after they begin writing densely technical, often inscrutable requirements. They want informed direction, sooner.

Read Quickly, While People Still Dominate the Internet


By now you’ve heard the hullaballoo around “machine-to-machine” computing, abbreviated “M2M.” And “the Internet of Things,” or IOT. And “the Internet of Everything,” or IOE.

Each characterizes how we’re attaching sensors and controllers to our physical stuff for access and manipulation from somewhere else: Webcam-watching what’s going on at home or lowering the heat from work, because you forgot to do it before you walked out the door.

The Next Big Thing In Video Compression

It happens about every decade, and the third one is almost upon us: A new standard for video compression, bound to make video shipping better.

It’s called “HEVC,” for “High Efficiency Video Coding.” You’ll see it demo into the industrial mainstream at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in January, and into your handhelds and TVs a year hence from that.