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Turner Nets: Boom Goes the Dynamite

Telsey Advisory Group media analyst Tom Eagan increased his price target on Time Warner Inc., to $91 per share on Friday, based on what he believes is a strong slate of new programming targeting younger viewers, which should serve as a complement to its existing sports programming.



The Content Industry Just Dodged a Big Bullet

Viacom managed to pull a rabbit out of its hat Thursday (April 21), landing a multi-year renewal with Dish Network that seems to give both sides what they wanted – a reasonable rate increase for the programmer and OTT rights for several Viacom networks for Dish’s Sling TV service.

Dish Drop Could Be Devastating For Viacom

As Viacom readies for the possibility that it will be dropped by the second largest satellite TV service provider in the country – Dish Network – Sanford Bernstein media analyst Todd Juenger said in a note to clients that failing to reach a deal could be a major blow for the programmer.


Of Cable, Congress and Cockroaches

Digital antenna maker Mohu released a consumer satisfaction study Wednesday that seems to fly in the face of industry efforts to improve customer service, with respondents putting their cable company just a step ahead of Congress and disease-carrying vermin.


Dauman Answers Critics

Viacom executive chairman and CEO Philippe Dauman, taking more than his fair share of criticism over the past several months, finally had enough, lashing out against what he called the naysayers and publicity seekers who doubt the company’s future and his leadership on a conference call with analysts to discuss fiscal Q1 results.


Wolff Snarls At BTIG Analyst

BTIG media analyst Rich Greenfield has been no stranger to controversy over the years, being one of the more vocal predictors of the death of traditional television.

Viacom Shares Yawn on Chairman Shift

Viacom investors started off the day full of hope, driving the company’s share price as high as $47.47 each (up 6.3%) in early trading, in anticipation of a shakeup in the wake of executive chairman Sumner Redstone’s decision to relinquish that role at CBS.

The Walking Wounded

With just two more days left before its carriage agreement with AMC Networks expires, potentially depriving its nearly 4 million members of their Sunday night zombie fix, the National Cable Television Cooperative is faced with a dilemma: Does it agree to a big rate increase and the addition of five new channels its membership doesn’t want, or does it do without one of cable’s most popular networks, including its No. 1 rated show, The Walking Dead.

Yahoo (No Exclamation Point)

I am old enough to remember when Yahoo! stood for something (Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle) and not just the final word of Major Kong in the last scene in Dr. Strangelove (or was that “Wahoo?”). Nevertheless, the latest moves of Yahoo!

Shane Smith's Last Word

New York – Vice Media CEO Shane Smith endured the endless barbs of friends and colleagues as the recipient of the Center for Communication’s Frank Stanton Award for Excellence in Communications Wednesday, but the new media wonder boy got the last and perhaps the best word in as the luncheon fundraising roast for the non-profit journalism education foundation came to a close.