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Why Tidy Up If No One’s Coming Over?

Every time I ask my tween daughter to straighten up her room – and I mean every time – I am greeted with a puzzled look and the following question: “Why, is someone coming over?”


Digital in the Details

Discovery Communications’ push into digital may seem like it’s stepping into a strange new world, but for the programmer’s long-time chief technology officer John Honeycutt, it is the culmination of years of work behind the scenes. 


DirecTV’s Foul Ball

After losing hundreds of customers to Los Angeles area competitors during its decision not to carry Time Warner Cable SportsNet, the regional sports channel that carried Los Angeles Lakers NBA games, DirecTV decided to play hardball with the cable operator's newest RSN, SportsNet LA.


Vertical Angles

Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts (pictured) said from the start that he wasn’t going to comment on that other potentially vertically integrated company in the media space, instead letting his own company’s performance speak for itself.


Altice USA’s ‘Fearless Reinvention’

When Altice USA took control of Cablevision Systems, some top executives surprised the rank and file by sitting down for lunch in the staff canteen, a move that some reports said would never have occurred under previous management.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Sumner Redstone once again got his way in the continuing soap opera that is Viacom Inc., with long-time CEO Philippe Dauman throwing in the towel in their months long battle for control of the programmer, agreeing to step down as CEO immediately and give up his executive chairman spot on Sept. 13. Dauman will have to lick his wounds with the help of an estimated $72 million severance package.

Another Look at The Cable Guy

Today (June 14) is the 20th anniversary of the release of what at the time was thought to be actor/comedian Jim Carrey’s biggest flop, and a movie that was universally hated in the cable community – The Cable Guy. But I come not to praise the movie – although I do have a bit of a soft spot for a certain scene. Instead my aim is to point out that its obvious stereotypes of cable installers nothwithstanding, the movie is a bit misunderstood.

Eagan: Carey or Katzenberg Could Boost Viacom Stock

As the battle for control of Viacom continues to be waged in the courts, Telsey Advisory Group media analyst Tom Eagan said he was “cautiously optimistic” about the overall pay TV ad climate, adding that replacing Viacom executive chairman and CEO Philippe Dauman with 21st Century Fox vice chairman Chase Carey or DreamWorks SKG chief Jeffrey Katzenberg could help boost the stock.


Greenfield: Viacom Shareholders Should Consider Legal Action

Greasing the tracks of the absolute train wreck Viacom executive chairman Philippe Dauman’s and largest shareholder Sumner Redstone’s relationship has become, BTIG media analyst Rich Greenfield suggested that Viacom stockholders should sue the media company’s  independent directors.


Greenfield: Brace Yourself for Viacom ‘Red Wedding’

While Viacom executive chairman and CEO Philippe Dauman and his former friend and mentor Sumner Redstone engage in what has become a media-business version of the fish-slapping dance,  BTIG media analyst Rich Greenfield  believes Viacom board members should brace themselves for a more modern TV classic, the Red Wedding.