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Bright House Critical in Charter-TWC Deal

It may take some time to figure out whether Charter’s $78.7 billion deal to purchase Time Warner Cable is a good one, but according to MoffettNathanson principal and senior analyst Craig Moffett, a critical component of the deal was Charter’s purchase of Bright House Networks from Advance/Newhouse.


Five Things You Need to Know About Altice

While most people may have a hard time naming three things from Luxembourg (Hint: Jean-Claude Van Damme isn’t one of them), cable operators would be smart to bone up on their knowledge of the tiny country wedged between Belgium, France and Germany, and especially its telecom company, Altice.


Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know Verizon Will Own After the AOL Deal Closes

The pundits may all be touting how Verizon’s deal to purchase AOL Inc. for $4.4 billion will broaden their mobile video horizons and give them access to content and ad technology that could help revolutionize the online video industry, but there are a handful of other ancient technologies (10 years or more old, this is the Internet), products, services and companies that the wireless giant will inherit as part of the deal.


The People Price of Moving On

There isn’t a giant warehouse in the Midwest full of GreatLand Connections truck decals looking for a new home, but according to Michael Willner, the long-time cable executive who was set to become CEO of the company that was to emerge from the now-terminated Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal, the decision to end the merger has taken a toll on the people who for more than a year believed they were going to be working for another company.


Charter Talking to Time Warner Cable

The press didn’t let the sweat dry off Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts’ brow before they were breathlessly reporting that none other than Charter Communications was readying a bid for Time Warner Cable, shortly after he announced that he was terminating its $67 billion merger with TWC.


Like Gomer Pyle used to say: Surprise, surprise.


Finding Value in the Era of the ‘Wise Guy’ Trade

With media stocks, especially those of programming companies, in turmoil lately as investors worry about massive declines in ratings, advertising revenue and overall relevance, Sanford Bernstein media analyst Todd Juenger in a recent note to clients touched on a concept that I think sums up perfectly what has been a topsy-turvy time in the industry.


Why Cox Is Balking in Dodgertown

The high cost of sports has been an issue with cable, satellite TV and telco operators for years now, and as Major League Baseball’s regular season starts this week, one major regional sports network continues to be out in the lurch: Time Warner Cable-distributed SportsNet LA, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A Case for Going It Alone

Time Warner Cable managed to surprise a lot of analysts on Jan. 29 with fourth quarter results that trounced expectations for the company and caused some to speculate that TWC could thrive even in the absence of a Comcast merger.


The Fault is Not in Our Starz

Apologies for the Shakespeare (and John Greene) reference, but talk again has resumed on a possible sale of premium channel Starz, this time with the network  possibly approaching CBS and Lionsgate who are possibly in early talks for the premium network.