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ACA/NCTC 2014: 2 Top Leaders


The Pittsburgh-headquartered American Cable Association (ACA), and its sister organization, the Lenexa, Kan.-based National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), have been, for many decades between them, advocating for and representing their hundreds of cable TV, phone, and broadband members in their business and governmental endeavors.



Take the Instance, For Instance



Last week, while wandering through yet another “cloud” conversation and flagging unfamiliar terms to tackle, one came up over and over and over.


“Instance” is another everyday word that takes on a completely different meaning, when speaking with Software People. (Not unlike “edge,” to Distribution Network People.)


Summer Baseball Heats Up On Cable


As we enter into the dog days of summer, the Major League Baseball season really starts to heat up. And by the start of August, with two-thirds of the season already in the books, more than just a few baseball fans begin to take a cold, hard view of their home team’s chances, which typically goes something like this


Honorable Mentions

TV viewers looking for some strong female-driven dramas have two terrific new options this summer, one on Starz and the other on SundanceTV. I say this as my wife and I are midway through screener-disk binges of Outlander and The Honorable Woman, respectively, sometimes forgetting if we are caught between the English and Scots in 1743 or between the Israelis and Palestinians today. Outlander premieres on Aug. 9; The Honorable Woman started on July 31.


The Realities of The LTE-U Threat

This week’s translation comes from reader Chris, curious about how soon “LTE-U” will pose a threat to WiFi capacity and competition.


Refresher: “LTE” stands for “Long-Term Evolution,” the mobile industry’s term for super-fast broadband. The “U” is for “unlicensed,” as in, the opposite of “licensed,” both describing spectrum.


Rough Road for Internet of Things


It's been a tough week for the Internet of Things.


Two cautionary reports described the technical and marketing challenges for the connected technology services and systems in which cable operators are expected to play a significant role.


TV-Viewing Evolution Reaches TCA Tour

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — As cable networks gathered here last week to tout their new shows and celebrity talent to a cadre of more than 200 TV critics, a lot felt familiar but some things were different.


Navigating the Notion of Pedestrian Dead Reckoning


Dead reckoning. Unless you’re a pilot, you probably haven’t heard the term in a while. Refresher: It’s a navigational term, used to deduce (the “ded” of “dead reckoning”) where you are and where you’re going, using the last known information about your location.


Charles Lindbergh deadreckoned his way over the Atlantic to Paris in 1927 using its basic formula — distance equals speed multiplied by time.


Imagine…The World Cup, LeBron


Imagine if the U.S. men’s national team were in the World Cup final. Our nation would be bumping today like a certain football Sunday in early February.


Imagine if LeBron James had just told the world he was going to take his talents back to Akron a couple of days after the Heat were crushed by the San Antonio Spurs.  There would have been a lot less tweetage and speculative reportage over the past few weeks.  And the world would have been a lesser place for it.


Discovery, Bravo Benefit From Expanded Emmy Reality Universe



The Emmy’s had a quandary to deal with this year—how to separate and honor more series in the ever-growing world of reality TV. They did so by breaking non-competition series into two parts—structured and unstructured reality—and the result was a boon for Discovery and Bravo.