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Why Cable &Telecom Referral Programs Fail

Most cable and telecom companies know that referrals are a critical, high-quality, and high-value demand generation channel. Advocates are willing and happy to help companies they love, but research shows most companies never ask, or when they do, they fail to nurture advocates in a way that generates the most referrals.


Programmatic TV’s Journey Into Primetime

Based on all the headlines we’ve seen in recent months, you could be forgiven for thinking that programmatic is already taking the TV industry by storm. And, to be sure, the time will come — probably sooner rather than later — when programmatic becomes a dominant force in television advertising.


'Uncertainty,' 'Reduced Competition' Fallout from FCC Decision: Pai, O'Rielly

Republican FCC commissioners Ajit Pai and Michael O'Rielly took a quick break from their Capitol Hill appearances to lambaste the Commission's net neutrality and municipal broadband decisions during their appearances at a Washington think tank conference on March 19.

Live from Chicago: The New Digital Media Economy


Like you, we’re privileged to live and work in an amazing era. Today, the tap of a button brings stories to life over objects we hold in our hands. We interact with friends in distant places as if they were right next door. A gesture into thin air and, like that, images and sounds appear in stunning resolution in our living rooms.


Musings with ‘Mike & Mike’

Mike & Mike, ESPN’s long-running morning talk show, reached its 15th year anniversary on March 6.


Verizon Dismisses Cable's WiFi Voice Agenda

It was hardly surprising that a top Verizon executive brushed off cable operators' plans to develop urban WiFi networks for competitive local voice and data services.

Video, Audio, Data, and The Internet of Things

For the past several decades, TV has been the center of my professional life. It got its truest start 20 years ago, assisting companies that wished to transition from a broadcast and cable world, to that including a satellite-telco pay TV video component. Today, The Carmel Group’s transition also includes a “new media” world (e.g., a new video world of Internet-based broadband, streaming media, and Over-The-Top (OTT) content opportunities).


Internet Essentials: Year Four Progress Report

Every year for the past four years, we have provided an annual Internet Essentials update. For our 2015 report, it gives me great pride to announce that through February 2015, more than 450,000 families have signed up for Internet Essentials, bringing the power of the Internet to 1.8 million low-income Americans.


March Madness a Boon for Cable Advertising


As an avid fan and one-time baller, I have always been a big time fan about March Madness ever since watching games on cable in the late 1970s.  And now that I am in the local cable advertising business, I am more excited than ever in light of the power that cable provides local businesses to play on the big stage.



Net Neutrality Decisions, Acronyms, and The Comcast-TWC Merger


At the time and place of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (LVC), the Washington, DC (WDC)-based Satellite Broadcasting Communications Association (SBCA), conducted an off-site “Leadership Luncheon” (SBCALL). This SBCALL was organized by The Carmel Group (TCG), in conjunction with SBCA (of course), EchoStar (DISH and SATS), and DirecTV (DTV), primarily. The author acted as moderator and a panelist.


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