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And The No. 1 College Football Team Is...?

Rankings of all sorts seem to be an American passion, and when it comes to college football, perhaps “obsession” is a better word. And maybe this season -- with the advent of the new College Football Playoff (CFP) system – we will be able to crown an “indisputable” #1 championship team. (But don’t count on it.)


While Visions of Wearables Danced in Their Heads

For those of us headed to the annual International CES, which happens a scant four days after the New Year, the holiday season necessarily includes shaking the network to get a better look at what’s planned.


Here’s what we found under the tree.


When Smart TVs Get Too Personal: What's The MSO Role?


A recent blog about smart TVs from the New York University School of Law rekindled the privacy conversation, fueled by the question of why a  TV set should have a 46-page privacy policy. The issue resonates with cable operators thanks to growing audience-tracking relationships that smart TVs bring with them into cable households.



Phyllis, Tammy and Finebaum: Iron Bowl Igniters?

Brent Musberger and Jesse Palmer will have the game call on ESPN, but the more intriguing Iron Bowl listen could come on SEC Network.


While the Alabama-Auburn matchup will air on the worldwide leader at 7:45 p.m. (ET) on Saturday, Nov. 29, Finebaum will play BCS Championship Megacast.


2016: Democrats Win White House, FCC


Last week, the momentum behind the huge topic that has broiled through several Republican and Democratic administrations and decades, and has rarely gone anywhere forward, i.e., the Immigration issue, moved substantially forward, again.



Yet, again, it did so, solely at the hand of President Barack Obama. In that act, the more important political accomplishment by the chief executive was to capture another four years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a Democratic administration.


Could the Title II Feud Lead to Telecom Reform?


In the week since President Obama's unexpected "Title II" video debuted, plenty of Washington verbiage has been spilled on what happens next - and why.




The White House recommendation that the FCC should place public utility regulation upon Internet Service Providers rankled countless insiders and, of course, totally confused "civilians" - the unwashed masses who merely rely on the Internet for all kinds of business, consumer, financial and entertainment services.



MPAA's Entry into Program Guide Biz Is an Anti-Piracy Move, a program-listing website run by the Motion Picture Association of America, re-debuted this week.  Beyond its ostensible purpose of helping viewers find out where they can see movies and TV shows, the service is intended to steer customers to paid locations, including cable networks and online video sources.  MPAA believes that making it easier to find "legitimate" content sources will help battle the piracy scourge.


Cloud, Baby Cloud! (Class Recap)

DENVER and SALT LAKE CITY — Last week saw the premiere of a video cloud class, titled “How Cable’s Video Cloud Works: From TV Everywhere to Internet Everywhere.” Creating it consumed my summer.


Aside from one review that blasted me for talking too fast (“sounds like babbling”), the reaction from three audiences (the course debuted in New York on Oct. 15) was gratifying.


1 Gbps is for Slow Pokes


As technical and operations managers fret about 1 Gigabit per second or even 100 Gbps transmission, a transatlantic alliance of researchers revealed test results this week about the successful transmission of a record 255 Terabits per second over a new type of special fiber.



An OTT Lab Update

Given that Halloween punctuates the end of this week, it seemed timely to share some changes happening in my small-but-lively over-the-top video lab.


Background: The list of technologies, industries and companies that will “kill the cable industry!” is long and established. First, there was microwave (a technology); then, telcos and satellite (industries); then companies — name any of the OTT constituents. Spooky!