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Hope for Mayweather-Pacquiao PPV


In Shawshank Redemption, Morgan Freeman’s Ellis Boyd Redding character reads a letter from Tim Robbins’ Andy Dupree: "Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."


More Hints HBO, Showtime Are Moving Closer to Direct Streaming

Sometimes just a few words paint an immense picture. At this week's Goldman Sachs "Communicopia" conference, both Jeff Bewkes of Time Warner and Les Moonves of CBS uttered a total of four words that can be interpreted as the prelude toward direct-to-viewer service by the premium networks in each mogul's empire, HBO and Showtime respectively.


NFL’s Rice Recount: The 35% Female Factor


As the story and ramifications about Ray Rice’s reprehensible actions morph into the NFL’s investigation of the matter and perhaps the job status of commissioner Roger Goodell, the Baltimore Ravens host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the league’s first ever Thursday (non-Thanksgiving) night game on a broadcast network.



Who Gives A Gigabit?

Over Labor Day weekend, an email exchange unfolded with a former cable guy, Dave Archer, who now heads Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology in Reno.


The gist: He’d been contacted by a reporter who was wondering if Reno was less attractive to high-tech companies because it doesn’t have Gigabit broadband services.


Comcast Revisits 'EveryBlock'


(This blog was updated to include information from Comcast supplied after it was first posted.)


Comcast's decision to resuscitate its hyper-local "EveryBlock" neighborhood news service came just days before a new study showing that local advertising - especially online ads - will see double-digit growth in 2015.  Although the newest EveryBlock websites do not carry advertising, the positive atmosphere for local commerce indicate that such neighborhood ads are likely in the future.


'Game of Gigs' Analysis Cites Cable's Defensive Response Toward Top Speeds

"Cable and telephone company incumbents remain reluctant to upgrade to highest speed broadband networks - especially the much-touted Gigabit-per-second infrastructure - unless they face competitive threats, notably from Google Fiber, says the third annual report from Gig. U. 


Downloads From WICT Philly's 'Tech It Out' Cable WiFi Binge

PHILADELPHIA — It was a full-on WiFi binge at WICT Philadelphia’s Tech It Out program here on Aug. 21, with one common refrain: When it comes to WiFi, we’re still in the very, very early stages.


“We know it’s new and nifty, and know it adds value, but where it’s going to go is anybody’s bet,” said morning keynoter Ken Falkenstein, Comcast’s vice president of wireless technology. He added, for the benefit of the appreciable student presence. “You will have a marvelous career trying to get rid of the wires.”

A Summer of Power

If there’s one thing that stands out as a technology darling for the summer of 2014, it’s the bombardment of gadgetry designed to keep the stuff in the digital garden charged and ready.


Two such things showed up on the doorstep last week as evidence, amongst tons of other affordable (meaning sub-$100) options.


L.A. Providers Scrimmage Over Sports

The battle for sports superiority in the Los Angeles area continues as Time Warner Cable, which has smarted from a lack of carriage for SportsNet LA, the Los Angeles Dodgers channel that it manages for the Major League Baseball team, piled on additional feeds of the Pac-12 Network to customers in the area.


ACA/NCTC 2014: 2 Top Leaders


The Pittsburgh-headquartered American Cable Association (ACA), and its sister organization, the Lenexa, Kan.-based National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), have been, for many decades between them, advocating for and representing their hundreds of cable TV, phone, and broadband members in their business and governmental endeavors.