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Behind the Live Stream of Super Bowl XLIX

For content distribution of its live stream of Super Bowl XLIX, NBC Sports Digital has again turned to Akamai to help deliver the online experience through its NBC Sports Live Extra streaming service. Live events and live sports are not unfamiliar to us at Akamai.

Deloitte's Upbeat Media/Telecom Outlook Foresees Increased Spending

Deloitte's 2015 "Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions"   foresees that  "the generation that won't spend" is actually "spending a lot on media content" and that "disruptive innovations with broadband delivery" will make higher speed services more widely available.



The World of WebRTC

Here’s a way to let the imagination run wild: Think about your stuff that’s equipped with a Web browser.


Now imagine being able to talk to people using that stuff.


That’s the allure of webRTC, where the “RTC” stands for “realtime communications.” It’s a technology that grew out of the World Wide Web Consortium (which goes by “W3C”) to support browser-to-browser applications, like voice and video calling, with no need to download anything or log in. Just click to communicate.


Shedding New LED Light on Super Bowl XLIX

Joe Casper may not be able to illuminate “Deflategate,” but he believes his company’s efforts are going to bring new perspectives of Super Bowl XLIX for those in Glendale or watching the action at home.


SymbolShifters Embeds Codes in Video Streams for Interactivity on Older DTV Receivers


SymbolShifters, a technology that embeds scannable icons (SI), also known as "Quick Response (QR) codes," into video streams, is the latest vision of two venerable cable technologists, Walt Ciciora and Ted Hartson. 


Local Cable Advertisers Rushed Into CFP Championship Game

The rise in local cable advertising demand we identified over the past two college bowl seasons was merely a prelude to the dramatic figures that Viamedia tallied for Monday’s 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship Game between the Buckeyes of Ohio State and the Oregon Ducks.


NBA's 4K Telecast: Spectacular Views from London

The grain of the hardwood floor was in pristine stain. One could easily discern the rotation of the ball in flight on long 3s. Flailing arms and hands in pursuit of loose balls sprang onto the screen.


The scene: Neulion’s Live 4K streaming presentation of the Jan. 15 matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks from London’s O2 arena at NBA headquarters in New York.


Comcast's Juggling Act


Comcast’s proposed new structure for the company post-TWC merger doesn’t really pose many surprises given the size and scope of the deals that will make up the new Comcast.



Drawing The Line

Terrorists may have succeeded in gunning down journalists --several of them cartoonists-- working for French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. But if one of their goals was to silence criticism, it was a spectacular failure.