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Upfronts 2015: Nicking Nielsen

New York--No doubt espousing a sentiment shared by many in the industry, Nickelodeon tweaked Nielsen in the opening scene of its upfront presentation, while trumpeting its 10-screen ecosystem and a one for all mantra to match sponsors brands with its diverse portfolio.


Exploring The World Of OpenStack


OpenStack. In computing, and especially distributed computing, it’s a staple of conversation and workflow. People tend to elevator-pitch it as “an open operating system for the cloud,” “Linux on steroids” and “a framework based around opensource software.”


As one software aficionado put it: “It’s a bunch of scripts (translation: instructions) that help create clouds and virtual machines to deploy file systems and storage and a bunch of other stuff.”


How to Keep the Mobile Boom Booming

Satellite TV provider Dish Network was the big, surprise winner of wireless spectrum in an auction that garnered surprisingly large, record-breaking sums for the increasingly vital airwaves of the digital economy. The “AWS-3” auction brought in nearly $45 billion, twice the expected total, and did at least four things.


Live From MSG, It’s NBA All-Star Sunday Night

For the 23 million who were engaged with NBC’s Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, there was another pretty good live event in New York on Sunday night.


Those lucky enough to be inside the transformed Madison Square Garden or watching the TNT/TBS simulcast of the 64th NBA All-Star witnessed some sweet moves (and a few lowlights) in the highest-scoring contest in the event's history.




If you haven't noticed yet -- and that's fair -- given the locals' performance,  the NBA All-Star Weekend is setting up shop in the Big Apple.


But Will the Overwhelming Title II Rhetoric Change Anyone's Mind (or Vote)?

Just in time for the Spring Bloviating Season, the FCC hath wrought a fomenting cauldron from which will spew immeasurable  volumes of verbosity, accompanied by dizzying infographics and data points, most of which will include more non sequiturs and mixed metaphors than this sentence.  And will the forthcoming sturm und drang ultimately change anyone's opinions or policies?

Deloitte's Upbeat Media/Telecom Outlook Foresees Increased Spending

Deloitte's 2015 "Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions"   foresees that  "the generation that won't spend" is actually "spending a lot on media content" and that "disruptive innovations with broadband delivery" will make higher speed services more widely available.

The World of WebRTC

Here’s a way to let the imagination run wild: Think about your stuff that’s equipped with a Web browser.


Now imagine being able to talk to people using that stuff.


That’s the allure of webRTC, where the “RTC” stands for “realtime communications.” It’s a technology that grew out of the World Wide Web Consortium (which goes by “W3C”) to support browser-to-browser applications, like voice and video calling, with no need to download anything or log in. Just click to communicate.