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Back To The Future For PPV Events

This past Saturday featured two pay-per-view events that could help set the stage for an interesting 2015 in the PPV event category.


A La Carte and Sticker Shock

A 20-something friend of mine who constantly complains about the high cost of cable was absolutely gloating about the recent over-the-top service announcements from CBS and HBO.


He proclaimed that the industry is finally moving toward a more consumer-friendly platform where viewers can choose to pay for the channels they want to see.


Online Programmers Setting LGBT Pace

The cable industry once again received strong grades for its LGBT-inclusive programming in the latest GLAAD “Where We Are on TV” report. Yet cable was somewhat overshadowed by its fast-rising over-the-top video competitors.


The GLAAD report, which looked at primetime programming from June 2013 to this May, said that primetime cable shows featured 64 regular lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters — up from 42 last season — compared to their broadcast brethren, with 32 LGBT characters.


Lisa Ling’s New ‘Life’

Veteran journalist Lisa Ling will launch her new series 'This Is Life' on CNN this Sunday (Sept. 28) at 10 p.m. (ET) Ling, who recently finished a five-season run with OWN for her Our America With Lisa Ling series, recently spoke to me about her new CNN series as well as her perceptions of 24-hour news network. Ling also shares her thoughts on the progress of female broadcast journalists on television. An edited version of the interview appears below.


Time To Open Up Director Ranks

As the cable industry devoted last week to diversity efforts, a new report from the Directors Guild of America has found that minorities and women are not regularly being hired to direct television



The percentage of episodes directed by white and minority females remained even year-to-year at a paltry 12% and 2%, respectively, according to the DGA report, which looked at more than 3,500

The Graying Of The TV Viewer

A new study on the rising age of television viewers, along with primetime ratings results from this summer’s top cable networks, should cause programmers some concern.



The median age of viewers during the 2013-14 TV season has risen by 2.5 years, to 44, since the 2009-10 TV season, according to MoffettNathanson Research. Further, the

research said, cable viewers have gotten 8% older in the past five years and are now a median age of 40.



Can’t Beat the Big Screen for Streaming

Smart TVs are in demand among consumers that want to extend their TV watching beyond traditional TV to Internet-based sources, according to several recent studies.

Starz Serving Underserved Audiences

Starz is making inroads on its efforts to reach out to underserved audiences on premium TV through its original series.


Becoming Aware of 'TV Everywhere’

One of the biggest knocks on TV Everywhere is that cable subscribers don’t know or don’t understand what it is. But a recent Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing report shows that dynamic is changing.

HBO PPV Fight Steps Into Crowded Sports Arena

HBO will look to make some noise Saturday night during a packed sports weekend with its Sergio Martinez-Miquel  Cotto fight.


The highly anticipated fight between veteran middleweights will compete for media coverage alongside the New York Rangers-Los Angeles Kings NHL Stanley Cup finals; California Chrome’s attempt at horse racing’s triple crown during the Belmont Stakes; and intrigue over LeBron James’ status heading into Sunday’s second game of the Miami Heat-San Antonio Spurs NBA Finals matchup.