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Multicultural Viewers Streaming to Digital

Multicultural viewers have always been cable’s most loyal customers, even in the midst of the growing popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.


A new Horowitz Associates report, however, shows that urban multicultural viewers are quickly migrating to digital platforms to consume video content.


What MTV Wants You to Know About 'Scream'

MTV tomorrow (June 30) will launch a new series based on the iconic Scream horror movie franchise of the late 1990s and early 2000s.


The millennial-targeted network looks to give a contemporary look to Scream, which has grossed more than $600 million at the box office over four films.


I recently talked to MTV senior vice president of scripted programming Mina Lefevre, who pointed to some key themes about the new series that she wants Scream fans and horror aficionados to know about the show.


Keeping the Promise

On Father’s Day, Discovery Channel and OWN will simultaneously air the documentary Rise: The Promise Of My Brother’s Keeper, which will explore the lives and families of boys and young men of color from programs derived from the White House-inspired “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.


The Game’s on Cable

With all of the momentum the over-the-top services have gained over the past year in siphoning viewers away from the traditional cable bundle, arguably the biggest advantage a pay TV subscription still holds over Netflix and Hulu is access to major live sports programming.


What Fox Sports Wants You to Know About Its Women's World Cup Coverage

Fox Sports Saturday will kick off its unprecedented coverage the FIFA 2015 Women’s World Cup from Canada. Fox broadcast network, Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 will combine to air all 52 matches from the tournament, which will run from June 6 to July 5.

I chatted with David Neal, executive producer for Fox Sports’ WWC coverage, and here are a few things he pointed out about the Women’s World Cup and Fox’s coverage of the event.  


The Reality of Marriage on TV

Marriage counselors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll have one of the toughest jobs on reality television – examining and ultimately fixing the troubled relationships of married and almost married reality TV stars.


Still Room for More Black-ish Roles on TV

With the 2014-15 television season now in the books, a recent Ratings Intelligence report revealed that three of the top five highest-rated broadcast dramas of 2015 featured a predominately African-American cast or was headed by an African-American actor/actress: Empire, How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal.

Three Takeaways From MayPac's PPV Performance

As expected the May 2 Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight obliterated all pay-per-view event records, generating 4.4 million buys and more
than $400 million in PPV revenue. While the fighters delivered a lackluster performance throughout the 12-round fight, the event’s remarkable PPV
returns will place it as one of the most successful events in sport’s history.

Here are three takeaways from MayPac’s stellar PPV performance:

MayPac To Set PPV Perfomance Standard

HBO and Showtime tonight (May 9) will simultaneously air a replay of last Saturday's Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight, and while the action in the ring didn't quite live up to expectations, the fight's pay-per-view performance is shaping up to be a knockout for the industry.


TV Moms: For Better or Worse

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, the conservative media group Parent’s Television Council Monday released its list of top 20 TV moms over the last 20 years.

Certainly motherhood on broadcast and cable shows has been depicted in virtually all forms, shapes, sizes and stereotypes from traditional moms like Harriet Nelson to widowed, single moms like Julia Baker to unorthodox matriarchs like Roseanne Connor.