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It doesn't sound biased to me. "As you may know, net neutrality is a set of rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which s

59 percent is not the slam dunk you'd expect, is it? I wonder how biased the wording of the questions they used on the survey to garner the inte

Linda Komarck
Sorry I won't be watching your station anymore
Rural Media is Changing FamilyNet to Cowboy Channel

Linda Komarck
Will you still broadcast the old tv programs?. Why change format of your station? Will you have another channel to broadcast the other old tv p
Rural Media is Changing FamilyNet to Cowboy Channel

Carla Harrell
will this storm have any sever weather on us in south georgia
The Weather Channel Streams Out ‘Local Now’

Sandy Russo
So tired of having my favorite channel removed!! So disgusted with Charter at this moment!
Charter Gives Chiller Cold Shoulder

Char Fox
Do you have a slow internet connection or internet problems in your area? Sounds like lag.
NBC Streaming Channel Launches On Roku

Macy's Mom
My Roku has "frozen" five times in the past half hour. This was a waste of money and I am sorry I ever bought it. If I want to watch a program
NBC Streaming Channel Launches On Roku

Walter Lambert
No doubt. But I go back to my original premise that Akamai seemingly was stretching the boundaries of their research in regards to their conclu
OTT Video Quality, Playback Translate to Viewer Loyalty

Christine Dell
I don't like z living st all. Veria was awesome! So many excercise programs were on, now it just yoga and alot of blah, blah, blah.
Veria Living Renames Itself Z Living