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Congratulations! I really do love this show a lot.
‘Into The Badlands’ Draws 4.5 Million in Season Two Premiere

Jennifer Hudson
Don't let your ISPs know what you're doing, become anonymous with Pure VPN
Senate Nixes FCC Broadband Privacy Rules

Free ad supported programming like my grandpa use to have.
Dish Adds Justice Central To Lineup

The economics don't work for OTT with Comcast because they would actually have to compete with multiple companies, unlike the monopolies Comcast
Comcast Has Rights to Offer Some Channels Nationwide

Al leffler
I think that Hearst is losing a lot of money on Advertising I really don't care if Dish brings the channels back on I have a separate antenna if
News-Press Stations Dark on DirecTV

paula thorne
This whole issue is just like politics today, both sides pointing fingers at each other and nobody will to take responsibility for the consequen
Dish Says Hearst Refuses To Negotiate in Retrans Battle

Jill Reeb Billot
This is Freakin Nuts😈4 weeks now.I could understand a few days!But not this Long.If this is not settled this week I am Done.Cancelling Dish
Dish Says Hearst Refuses To Negotiate in Retrans Battle

Cablevision Adding beIN SPORTS Nets

All Things 3D
Advertisers are testing the waters not just for technology's sake, but to gain attention to their product or name by using the go to media platf
Lessons Learned From VR Ads

This is such BS, ITS GONE ON WAYYYYYYYYY TO LONG. Channels have been blacked out since March 3rd, that's CBS where we live. I've talked to Dish
Dish Says Hearst Refuses To Negotiate in Retrans Battle