Comparing Operators' Strategies

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Comparing Operators' Strategies

Comcast Corp. Basic Subscribers (Post-Adelphia, 7/31/2006): 23.3 million Digital Subscribers (Post-Adelphia, 7/31/2006): 11 million High-Speed Internet Subscribers (Post-Adelphia, 7/31/2006): 10 million Voice (Post-Adelphia, 7/31/2006): 1.6 million C

Time Warner Cable Basic Subscribers (Post-Adelphia, 8/12/2006): 14.5 million Digital Subscribers (Pre-Adelphia, 6/30/2006): 5.8 million High-Speed Internet Subscribers (Pre-Adelphia, 6/30/2006): 5.4 million DVR subscribers (Pre-Adelphia, 6/30/2006): 1

DirecTV Group Inc. Subscribers: 15.5 million Contacts: Aaron McNally, VP of DirecTV International, (212) 462-5000 Basic Subscribers: Para Todos base package delivers more than 60 channels of programming, including more than 35 Spanish–language broadcas


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