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Current's "60 Seconds to Save the Earth" campaign was inspired by actress Cameron Diaz, who said the Earth needed a good publicist.

Sting played at the Live Earth concert July.

Planet Earth episode "Forests" highlighted the baobalo trees of Madagascar.

Programs like Discovery Times "Addicted to Oil" (pictured), featuring New York Times reporter Thomas Friedman, could end up on the new Planet Green channel in the future.

Brigit Strawbridge and her family star in "It's Not Easy Being Green" on Sundance Channel's "The Green" programming block.

Colette Brooks, owner of BinBling, an online resource that connects customers with biodiesel cars appears in the Sundance Channel original series "Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Fuel"

Behind the scenes on "Addicted To Oil: Thomas Friedman Reporting," from Discovery Times Channel

Balazs Meszaros as featured in Peter Hegedus's documentary "Inheritance: A Fisherman's Story" on Sundance Channel

John Mayer played at the Live Earth concert in July.