HGTV 'Design Star' Event

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HGTV 'Design Star' Event

The nine finalists and judges: Martha McCully, Cynthia Rowley, Vern Yip, Mikey V, Michael, Scottie, Matt, Host Clive Pearse, Tracee, Paul, Stephanie, Jennifer, and Trish.

White Team members Scottie, Mikey V, Stephanie, Matt and Michael won the tour bus redesign competition.

The White Team’s Mikey V during the "Design Tour Bus Challenge."

The White and Blue Teams painting walls during the "Ultimate Tour Bus Challenge, in Greely Square.

In the middle of chaos, both teams work frantically.

Jim Samples, President of HGTV, came to support the highest-rated premiere show in the network’s history.

The Blue Team, (left), was given the challenge to create a bedroom. The White Team, (right), had to create a living room.

Michael and Mikey V grab decorations for the White Team's living room.

The Blue Team: Paul, Trish, Jennifer and Tracee

The Blue Team during the "Design Tour Bus Challenge" in NYC’s Greeley Square.