MTV Networks Upfront

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MTV Networks Upfront

Gathered at MTV Networks’ upfront were [left to right] MTVN chairman Judy McGrath, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift and Van Toffler, president of the MTVN Music and Logo Group.

Comedy Central’s sarcastic twins Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart yuk it up–and tout an advertiser–at MTV Networks’ upfront.

Chris Rock gets them laughing at the upfront. Nick at Nite airs his show 'Everyone Hates Chris.'

Comedian Chris Rock chats with Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart while Viacom CEO Philippe Daumam [center] looks on. At the far right is Van Toffler, president of the MTVN Music and Logo Group.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, was sober and present at the upfront event.

It was an odd couple, but yes, that was Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert with Justin Timberlake at MTV Networks upfront.

Singer Ashanti dashes off a song at the MTV Networks’ upfront.

George Foreman, who is doing a reality show for TV Land called Family Foreman, is front and center at the upfront.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson at MTV Networks’ upfront presentation.

John Legend performs at MTV Networks’ upfront.

Potty-mouthed comedian Sarah Silverman mans a guitar to perform at MTV Networks’ upfront.