Amazon’s First Live NFL Stream Solid, Not Perfect

Live stream of Bears-Packers matchup overcame some early issues 9/29/2017 9:46 AM Eastern

Amazon’s first Thursday Night Football live stream, offered to Prime Video subs, overcame a shaky start before setting down for the rest of last night’s NFL matchup between the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers matchup.

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Early into the contest, Amazon Video tweeted that customers in almost 150 countries were tuning into its first live NFL stream:

But Geek Wire reported that “after initial buffering issues” and “getting booted from the Prime Video app,” eventually “the viewing experience went smoothly.”

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That report reflected feedback from others that also mentioned problems or some inconsistencies  early into the game:

Maskatia later tweeted that the NFL stream worked on the Prime Video app, but not in the Amazon app.

BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield said some streaming glitches caused him miss a key play:

Greenfield also remarked that CBS was using dynamic ad insertion for ads on the Amazon stream, making it confusing which ads were being served by the network and which ones were for inventory allotted to Amazon.

Phillip Swann, publisher of and a frequent critic of the trials and tribulations of live streaming, summed up Amazon’s first NFL live stream:

Streaming tech issues aside, Day Rayburn, EVP for and principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said Amazon botched an opportunity to properly promote the game to its members:

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