C.J. Kettler

1/27/2006 7:00 PM Eastern

CEO, Lime

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: American Online Inc. co-founder Steve Case’s Revolution bought Wisdom TV last April and named the former Oxygen Media sales and marketing executive to head the relaunched service as Lime: Healthy Living with a Twist. Kettler hopes to put a “twist” on the eco-friendly TV and multiplatform entity.

HIGH ’05s: “We are proud of our acquisition of the family-owned Wisdom Channel and our responsible 'recycling of its assets’ into a multimedia brand. In record time, we relaunched the TV channel and launched the brand simultaneously on TV, on demand, on radio, on the Web, on mobile and on [Apple Computer Inc.’s] iTunes.”

PICKS IN ’06: “We will soon be in home entertainment arena, in almost 50,000 outlets, through our retail partner Gaiam. Our biggest priority is the expansion of our cable and on-demand distribution platform, as well as further development of our content and the brand in non-linear platforms — with an emphasis on social networking, viral marketing, broadband and talent development.”

MY TIME: “I am a wife and mother of three amazing daughters, aged 15,13, and 8 — all extraordinarily individuals in their own right. Lime is an outgrowth of my own interest in how do I keep my family healthy and what inspires me to grow as a person. We would love to drive a hybrid, but are waiting for one that is big enough for a family of five with a large dog. We compost in the country and recycle in the city. I practice yoga and pilates, love to ski, ride horses and find as much free time as possible in this hectic life.”

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