CNN Bulks Up

Network adds commentators, contributors 1/17/2017 1:19 PM Eastern

CNN has added a raft of new political commentators and contributors.


The additions come only days before the inauguration of a president who has all but declared war on the news outlet over its reporting.


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CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker announced the new on-air additions:


Contributors: David Fahrenthold and Wesley Lowery, Washington Post reporters; and JD Vance, author and a contributor to the National Review and The New York Times


Senior political commentators: Jennifer Granholm, former Democratic governor of Michigan; and Rick Santorum, former Republican congressman and presidential candidate


Political commentator: Steve Israel, former New York Congressman


Political analysts: Abby Phillip, Washington Post reporter; and Salena Zito, Washington Examiner reporter and New York Post contributor


Law enforcement analyst: Charles Ramsey, former Philadelphia police commissioner and D.C. police chief


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