Court Sees ‘RED’ with New Block

1/09/2006 7:23 AM Eastern

Court TV is introducing a new weeknight, one-hour block of action shows dubbed “RED: Real, Exciting, Dramatic.”

During the 8 p.m.-9 p.m. (EST/PST) slot, the Monday offering will be two half-hour episodes of Beach Patrol: San Diego, about some lifesaving crime battlers; the Tuesday assignment goes to two half-hour episodes of Cops; the Wednesday hour goes to two half-hour episodes of Texas S.W.A.T; the Thursday call goes out to police-video series Hot Pursuit for a pair of half-hour episodes; and Friday’s menu features one-hour documentary-style drama Anatomy of a Crime.

The shows are all new to the network’s lineup, other than Cops and occasional airings of Anatomy of a Crime, a spokeswoman said.