6/13/2011 12:01 AM Eastern

around the middle of the
first episode of Nail Files,
I began to think this new
reality series from Jersey
Shore creator Sally Ann
Salsano was all glitz and
no action.

Admittedly I am not in
the demo, though I did
find season 1 of the MTV juggernaut entertaining.
But, really, watching nail salon owner Katie
Cazorla manage the crisis that erupts when a
designer messes up the graphics on the nailpolish
displays she needs to bring with her to
Sundance is not my idea of drama.

Nor is it terribly exciting when B-list celebrity
Debbie Gibson drops by for a mani-pedi.

But then, Cazorla’s fiancé, Walter Afanasieff,
steps in. Defusing Cazorla’s meltdown over the
botched displays, Afanasieff emerges as more
than just a supporting character (the 53-yearold
record producer engaged to the 33-year-old
“blonde bombshell”). He’s, well, a supporting
partner. A smart, sensitive guy who says just the
right things in just the right tone. Cazorla melts a
little, and suddenly the show has some heart.

Nail Files has the Jersey Shore-style interview
cutaways and stylized L.A. street scenes and
mockable figures, including the hapless, giggling
display designer. And love to go with the

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