Top Advertisers on Hispanic Stations

10/14/2005 8:00 PM Eastern

As these two charts reveal, a number of leading marketers spent nearly as much on advertising with Hispanic TV stations between January and July of this year as they did for all of 2004. The dramatic increase is just another indication of the growing strength of Spanish-language television in the United States.

The Nielsen data covers spending by the top 50 advertisers on the Hispanic stations Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura and Galavision, while the TNS Media Intelligence chart covers the top 25 spenders on Univision, Telemundo and Telefutura only. The rankings are only slightly different, with Univision Communications, Lexicon Marketing and Procter & Gamble comprising the top three on both lists.

Nielsen Ranking of Top Latino Advertisers
Parent Company Jan-July 2005 $ (000) 2004 $ (000)
Univision Communications Inc.$76,495$86,422
Procter & Gamble Co.$71,007$123,832
Lexicon Marketing Corp.$56,625$80,450
U.S. Government$50,809$121,832
Pepsico Inc.$46,050$66,635
General Motors Corp.$44,650$67,971
Johnson & Johnson$39,194$58,476
Sears Holding Corp.$36,542$90,488
Cisneros Group of Cos.$33,674$27,518
McDonalds Corp.$33,203$49,082
Toyota Motor Corp.$28,252$29,735
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.$27,805$49,743
Altria Group Inc.$22,977$33,216
DaimlerChrysler AG$22,420$44,878
Ford Motor Co.$22,288$28,159
Sabmiller plc$21,744$21,455
SBC Communications Inc.$20,824$36,824
Hyundai Motor Co.$18,756$19,564
Verizon Communications Inc.$18,721$26,481
Home Depot Inc.$18,408$25,138
Kellogg Co.$18,278$21,260
Coca-Cola Co.$17,123$26,040
Vivendi Universal SA$16,692$17,412
Gesparal SA$16,561$22,967
Walt Disney Co.$15,618$25,579
Time Warner Inc.$14,640$31,153
Deutsche Telekom AG$14,411$16,741
Southwest Airlines Co.$13,849$17,701
Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp.$13,605$21,831
DirecTV Group Inc.$12,784$12,079
Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc.$12,343$10,076
Wendys Intl. Inc.$12,157$18,288
Natl. Amusements Inc.$11,586$8,222
USA Marketing Svc. Corp.$11,365$14,852
Lowes Cos. Inc.$11,328$12,612
Allstate Corp.$11,308$5,844
Televisa SA De CV$11,296$13,089
Texas Pacific Group Inc.$11,220$21,145
Americatel Corp.$11,112$21,659
Yum! Brands Inc.$11,111$17,116
Clorox Co.$10,650$18,857
General Electric Co.$10,355$15,123
Remote Response Corp$10,132$54
JC Penney Co. Inc.$9,952$15,210
Kimberly-Clark Corp.$9,735$8,414
Honda Motor Co. Ltd.$9,688$16,718
On Demand$9,565$0
Target Corp.$9,256$11,215
Kia Motors Corp.$8,948$10,297
SOURCE: Nielsen Monitor-Plus, October 2005
NOTE: Research covers advertising dollars spent with Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura and Galavision. Numbers were rounded up to the nearest thousand.
TNS Ranking of Top Latino Advertisers
Parent Company Jan-July 2005 $ (000) 2004 $ (000)
Lexicon Marketing Corp.$106,567$172,265
Univision Communications Inc.$73,062$80,862
Procter & Gamble Co.$69,825$132,373
Pepsico Inc.$43,301$58,695
General Motors Corp.$43,022$74,057
Johnson & Johnson$39,082$59,198
Sears Holdings Corp.$35,899$97,427
McDonalds Corp.$32,904$51,576
Toyota Motor Corp.$28,044$32,595
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.$27,137$50,108
Hyundai Corp.$26,514$29,368
Venevision Intl.$25,081$19,253
Altria Group Inc.$21,804$32,845
DaimlerChrysler AG$21,081$44,873
SBC Communications Inc.$20,883$37,147
Ford Motor Co.$20,242$27,766
Sabmiller plc$19,231$17,652
Home Depot Inc.$18,711$25,698
Kellogg Co.$17,922$22,233
Walt Disney Co.$17,670$29,105
Verizon Communications Inc.$17,620$26,867
Coca-Cola Co.$16,421$25,235
Loreal SA$16,198$24,055
Deutsche Telekom AG$14,387$16,810
Bally Total Fitness Holdings Corp.$13,193$22,186
SOURCE: TNS Media Intelligence, October 2005
NOTE: Research covers advertising dollars spent with Univision, Telemundo and Telefutura; no PSAs or promos were included.

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