Verizon FiOS Already Sells ‘House Of Cards’

Individual Episodes Of Season One In HD Fetch $2.99 3/12/2014 6:52 PM Eastern

Comcast isn’t the only pay-TV provider that will hawk House of Cards without requiring a subscription to Netflix

Verizon Communications, thanks to its own deal with Sony, already is selling individual episodes from season one of the popular series via its own electronic sell-through (EST) service, and has been doing so for months. And FiOS TV subs who take the plunge can also watch those purchased episodes on the set-top box.

Now, whether it makes financial sense for FiOS TV customers to buy those episodes is another matter entirely.

Verizon, like EST rivals Amazon Instant Video, Vudu and M-GO, sells individual episodes of House Of Cards in high-definition for $2.99 each, and the SD version for $1.99 each (Google Play claims to offer HD episodes for $1.99 each). So, under most of those options the full 13-episode season would set a consumer back $38.87 for the full season in HD, or $25.87 in SD. A standard subscription to Netflix runs $8 per month, and offers access to seasons one and two of House of Cards, plus everything else in Netflix's streaming library

Verizon anticipates offering season two of House of Cards “in the near future,” a spokesman said, noting that Verizon is also interested in selling TV season bundles.

Verizon, like Comcast, will also begin to sell another Netflix original, Lionsgate’s Orange Is The New Black, this spring.

Verizon, which is in the process of phasing out its “Flex View” brand, recently began to sell complete TV seasons via its multiplatform EST service.


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