‘Young & The Restless’ Writers Say They Won’t Cross Picket Lines

11/15/2007 6:33 AM Eastern

Writers for The Young and the Restless issued a letter to deny published reports that some staffers resigned from the writers union, a move that would allow them to go back to work.

A story in Variety said several of the soap’s writers had sought financial core status (FCS) membership with the Writers Guild of America. Writers can resign union membership and become FCS members, obliged to pay pro-rated initiation fees, annual membership fees (about $100) and 1.5% of their gross income to pay for the union's collective bargaining and other employment related expenses, according to union documents.

In a letter Tuesday signed by the entire staff of the soap, the scribes said they remain supportive of the Guild and the strike.

“Not a single person who was writing for Y&R when we struck has gone core. Not one. We stand united with sore feet from picketing,” the letter said.