Report: DirecTV Now Customers Suffer Outages, Buffering

Customers take to social media to complain 12/28/2017 2:37 PM Eastern

DirecTV Now customers have been complaining for days over intermittent outages and prolonged buffering for the over-the-top service, according to website

DirecTV Now has been plagued with occasional outages ever since its launch in November 2016, but according to, customers have been taking to social media in the past few days complaining of problems with the service over the holidays, with some saying delays date back to the beginning of December.

DirecTV Now has acknowledged the outages and said on its twitter page that its technicians were working to solve the problem. 


AT&T didn’t have an official response, but people familiar with the company said the buffering issue was relatively minor – each incident lasted about one minute, impacted less than 25% of DirecTV Now customers and the problem has since been resolved.

DirecTV Now is in the middle of a First Anniversary promotion where it is offering service for $10 for the first month (for its "Live a Little" package, returing to $35 per month thereafter) which could be increasing traffic to its app. Streaming services generally experience difficulties as more users access the system.

Earlier this month the service announced it had surpassed the 1 million-subscriber mark.

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