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Flavor of the Week: Sony Tablet P

3/05/2012 12:01 AM Eastern

THE HYPE: The latest would-be iPad
killer, Sony’s Tablet P is an Android
3.2-based foldable device
featuring dual 5.5-inch
touchscreens. The Wi-Fi
and 4G-capable tablet is set
to be available this week through
AT&T, after Sony originally announced it in
April 2011.

WHAT IT MEANS: Will the split-screen approach take
off? The Tablet P’s two displays are designed to be
used for different functions — for example, a user
can play video on one screen while using the other
as a controller, or check email on the top half while
using the bottom as a keyboard. The displays
also can be merged into a single large screen.

PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: $399.99 with a two-year
contract; $549.99 without contract. Available from
AT&T starting March 4.

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