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MLB’s Bowman Eyes Growth Of Streaming Game Package

4/04/2011 12:01 AM Eastern

New York — On the eve of
the 2011 Major League Baseball
season,, the sport’s out-of-market streaming package,
is about to step to the plate for a
ninth season, looking to broaden
its viewing base.

MLB Advanced Media CEO
Bob Bowman said the product,
whose rookie year was
in 2003, will attract 1.5 million
to 2 million subscribers
during the upcoming season.
“That’s only 5% of those who visit our site [],” he said
during his keynote interview at last week’s “Video Everywhere:
Who’s Cracking the Code?” event.

Bowman said MLB.TV is available to virtually all handheld mobile
devices, with the Android platform stepping to the plate for a
full season after a September callup in 2010. Unlike the iPhone, Android
has six operating systems. “That’s not bad, but it’s suboptimal,”
Bowman said, explaining that it required additional vetting.

Due to the complexities involved with bridging the rights/
needs of teams, regional sports networks, distributors, MLB and
MLBAM have limited local-market streaming to the New York
Yankees and the
San Diego Padres.

“We’ve only
done two cities
thus far,” he
said on the dais.
“Trust me, it ’s


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