Elephant to Help Indian Americans Remember DirecTV

3/23/2007 5:14 AM Eastern

Timed to coincide with the ICC Cricket World Cup, Elephant Advertising & Events installed more than 45 DirecTV-branded plasma-TV sets across the country in eateries, groceries and banks that cater to the Indian-American community.

The venues selected for Elephant’s extensive public-places program for DirecTV have some of the highest foot traffic by Indian consumers in America, including sites in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles.

DirecTV offers South Asian programming in multiple languages and packages, and it is the official broadcaster of the ICC Cricket World Cup, in which Friday night’s game is a critical one between India and Sri Lanka.

“DirecTV World Direct is a leader in marketing through grassroots channels,” Nayan Padrai, president of CinéMaya Media Group and Elephant Advertising, said in a prepared statement. “This public-places program brings DirecTV closer to the community through storefronts and establishments and allows for a deeper relationship to be built with consumers.”

Elephant Advertising is a wholly owned subsidiary of CinéMaya, and the leading ethnic advertising agency focused exclusively on the rapidly growing, diverse and successful South Asian market in North America.

“People are really excited about the Cricket World Cup,” said Nirav Shah, manager of Rajbhog, an Indian franchise restaurant located in Jackson Heights, Queens, one of the oldest shopping areas for Indians in the United States for the past four decades. “They are calling us to know if we are showing the DirecTV broadcast of Cricket World Cup in the store. They are even enjoying the repeat telecast of matches.”

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