Mojo to Run ‘Take it from Esquire’ Interstitials

11/26/2007 4:19 AM Eastern

Esquire and the HDTV channel Mojo are partnering to produce “Take it from Esquire” on-air interstitials based on style and service information from the magazine, officials said Monday.

The highly stylized series of interstitials, each 30 to 45 seconds long, will cover a wide range of topics from how to grill the perfect steak to essential wardrobe tips.

While the interstitials will air initially during Mojo’s primetime schedule beginning in late November, the partnership is a cross-platform effort, including video, online and print.

Both companies, which target a similar affluent male audience, said they see an opportunity to run more interstitials that could involve third-party advertisers as featured products.

The interstitials will also become video content on each company’s Web site, and

Sony Pictures Television Advertiser Sales is Mojo’s exclusive sales representative.