Panasonic’s Tsuyuzaki: It’s Still Early

4/02/2012 12:01 AM Eastern

While the rise of Internet-connected televisions, iPads
and tablets have ushered in a new era of innovation for cable television,
it is important to remember that the industry is still in the infant stages
of this new technology.

That theme emerged from a keynote interview with Eisuke Tsuyuzaki,
chief technology officer at Panasonic North America, at Multichannel
“Innovating Cable TV” event.

“I still think we’re in the second or third inning, and we still have yet
to see how it’s all going to evolve,” Tsuyuzaki said during his address,
titled “Powering the New Connected-Home Video Experience.”

Tsuyuzaki pointed to the fact that consumers are shifting their desires
from getting a big-screen TV (though he stated that still remains a
big factor), to getting “smaller screens” (tablets, iPads, etc.) to go along
with them. “Everyone is continuing to buy screens, but they’re buying
those iPads and [other devices],” Tsuyuzaki said. “It’s just another

Tsuyuzaki said the next thing that customers would be looking for is
home security, or creating a “connected home.” He said could lead to
even more things that could be consolidated within a residence. “You
have [a natural progression] such as monitoring your energy consumption
within the home,” or using connected devices to monitor someone’s
health, he said.

— Tim Baysinger,
Broadcasting & Cable