TiVo Releases ‘Top Commercial Rankings’ Report

7/16/2007 2:53 AM Eastern

TiVo’s StopWatch service released the first “Top Commercial Rankings” reports for TiVo digital-video-recorder viewers.

The reports use StopWatch’s ability to analyze second-by-second consumer viewing behavior in both live and time-shifted viewing contexts to see which commercials are skipped over least by viewers.

“For many years, various sources have provided rankings of top programs. But nobody has ever provided the same type of information for commercials," TiVo vice president and general manager for audience research and measurement Todd Juenger said in a prepared statement.

“And this is what marketers really care about -- especially with the proliferation of DVRs,” he added. “We believe these monthly reports will be both fun and informative and provide just a small taste of the type of insight into DVR-viewing behavior, time-shifting and specific commercial ratings available to subscribers of TiVo's StopWatch service.”

The reports include monthly statistics categorized in top total viewing commercials compared with total viewing of top programs; time-shifted commercials compared with time-shifted programs; and least fast-forwarded brand campaigns. TiVo will also track other categories of interest including performance advertising on DVRs in key advertising categories and other customizable information.

Ford Trucks Edge took in the highest rated commercial on American Idol’s May 23 airing.