TiVo Crunches AT&T U-verse Set-Top Data

2/20/2012 12:01 AM Eastern

TiVo has entered into a licensing
agreement with AT&T AdWorks, the telco’s advertising
unit, to incorporate anonymous data
from U-Verse TV subscribers into TiVo’s audience
measurement and research products.

TiVo currently pulls an anonymous sample
size of 350,000 households for its StopWatch
product, which measures second-by-second
viewing trends for 72 national cable networks
and program ratings for 40 smaller
networks. The sample is culled from TiVo’s
DVR subscriber base of about 2 million subscribers
on a non-opt-in basis.

A shortcoming of TiVo’s research products
is that — by definition — they have been
confined to households with DVRs. With the
AT&T deal, TiVo will be able to weave in data
from non-DVR TV viewers as well.

TiVo will incorporate anonymous viewing
data from a subset of AT&T’s U-verse TV
set-top boxes; the companies did not disclose
how many households would be in the
sample. As of the end of 2011, the telco had
3.8 million U-verse TV subscribers.

“At TiVo, we are looking forward to using
this anonymous viewing data from AT&T
AdWorks to help project a better sampling
of U.S. television viewing habits,” TiVo general
manager of content and media sales
Tara Maitra said.

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