Spike’s Content Webmaster

12/14/2007 7:00 PM Eastern

Ezra Greene, vice president of content for

For young, Web-savvy men, few jobs exist cooler than Ezra Greene’s. The 37-year-old oversees content for MTV Networks’, so he gets to scour cyberspace for any and all relevant original and user-generated content. Examples include videos of cute chicks practicing mixed martial-arts moves on each other and videos of hot women posing in front of pimped-up cars.

Job Description:

Identifying and aggregating content for’s eight channels of online video content: girls, wheels, action sports, film and TV, video games and gadgets, viral videos, music and network support (content based on existing Spike TV shows).


Spends more than 20 hours of a 40-hour work week canvassing content that would appeal to Spike TV’s young male demo.


Prior to joining Spike last month, worked as director of online for Fox Atomic, a movie studio aimed at the 18-year-old male viewer.


Weeding through the “tons” of video content available on the Web in an effort to find the right ones for “There’s a lot of content out there that will appeal to a male — go to the top views on YouTube and most of them will feature a scantily clad female. There’s going to be content that on a cosmetic, superficial level works with what we’re doing, but on a deeper level may not break out from the clutter or is duplicative of what else is out there.”