Study: Urban Women Go for Broadband

11/08/2001 6:14 AM Eastern

In its latest report, Horowitz Associates Inc.'s Surveys Unlimited indicated
that broadband is become an increasing focal point for women.

The Larchmont, N.Y.-headquartered research firm noted that there has been 'an
enormous leap' among urban women over the past year regarding the awareness of,
interest in and usage of broadband services.

Citing its second annual 'Women's Worlds' report, Horowitz found that 94
percent of urban women surveyed early this year were aware of digital-cable
service, up sharply from just 55 percent in early 2000.

About 1,100 women in urban markets were polled this year, the same as in
2000, according to the firm.

Women's awareness of Internet content has also risen 'dramatically' since
last year, Horowitz said, noting that, eBay and were the most-often-named Web sites
in sports and shopping. -- which 'did not register
at all' among urban women last year -- was the most frequently named music site
this year.

As for potential demand, Horowitz reported that 24 percent of the women
sampled said they intend to sign up for a digital-cable service, while 42
percent plan to add Internet services.

Moreover, the survey found that 20 percent of PC owners are willing to pay
the $200 equipment charge and $40 monthly fee to get high-speed Internet

'The industry has recognized for many years the importance of women in the
decision-making process as it pertains to in-home media,' president Howard
Horowitz said in a prepared statement.

'These data make it very clear that this role is rapidly carrying over to
include digital cable and other broadband services, especially in the
all-important urban market,' he added.

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