What’s TiVo Teasing? Pundits Ponder The Possibilities

3/23/2010 10:30 AM Eastern

TiVo is promising “some very significant news” at a press conference
scheduled for Tuesday evening, March
2, at the “Top of the Rock” at 30 Rockefeller
Plaza in Manhattan.

“Inventing the DVR was just a warmup,”
the invite reads.

What’s the tease about? TiVo, of course, is
mum, but speculation has centered on two
possibilities: new hardware or an integrated
search feature.

According to Engadget, documents from
Best Buy’s intranet revealed two new TiVo
units: one called “Premiere HD DVR,” priced
at $299, and another called “Premiere XL HD
DVR,” which is THX-certified, for $499. Both
have an expected ship date of March 27; Engadget
didn’t have additional specs.

Another possibility: TiVo may add the ability
to search Web video services from
Amazon, YouTube, Netflix and others
alongside TV listings, Janney Montgomery
Scott analyst Tony Wible told
Bloomberg last week.

Quote of the Week:
‘Show Me the 22%’

At our magazines’ advanced-advertising
conference in New York last week, Broadcasting & Cable’s Claire Atkinson
cited a statistic to a panel of ad executives.
She said an Association of National Advertisers
and Forrester Research survey found 78% of
ANA members would like to be able to target
consumers more precisely, but only 59% saw
a willingness by clients to pay more for that.
Who wants to tackle that mixed-message

“I’d like to meet the 22% of the people who
said, ‘I don’t want to target better to my clients,’ ”
replied WE TV executive VP of national ad sales
Scott Collins
, who found that stat surprising.

“They’re the dentists who didn’t believe in
sugarless gum,” Visible World CEO Seth Haberman

“I have a problem with the word ‘only’ 59%,”
was DirecTV VP of ad sales Rich Forester’s
take. “Give me 60% of the people that want to
pay more, and I’m jumping up and down.”