Online Video Hearing as the Stakeholders Live-Tweeted It

4/30/2012 12:01 AM Eastern

Last week’s Senate hearing on multichannel
video had an attentive audience outside the hearing
room, including a host of stakeholders live tweeting as
legislators pondered their future. Here are some of
the Twitterati’s take on a hearing that was, appropriately,
streamed live:

ACA’s Matthew M. Polka


“But the bottom line from today’s
hearing: OLD laws and
regulations have NOT kept up
with today’s market, including

NCTA’s Michael Powell


“Sen Thune pops 350 billion
question. Streaming growth
valuable but its an enormous
expense to get a net that handles
unlimited streaming.”

NCTA’s Brian Dietz


“The U.S. invented the Internet
& broadband, ranks #2 in
total users...comparing us to
small Icelandic countries is
chasing windmills.”

Comcast’s Sena Fitzmaurice


“Diller supports legacy
obligations on broadcasters
and satellite to be applied to
online video.”

CEA’s Michael Petricone


“Barry Diller: “Copyright
law works pretty well right
now...#SOPA was a ridiculous
overreach”. #netvideo hearing”

Public Knowledge’s Harold

“I’m glad I wasn’t trying to
watch Senate hearing on
online video through VZ
wireless; would have blown
my #bandwidthcap.”

Free Press’s Joel Kelsey


“Misener — we should monitor
the incentives and ability
of cable companies to restrict
the availability of competitive
online video offerings.”

NAB’s Dennis Wharton


“@agfhome: Rockefeller:
‘wireless is inadequate during
disasters’ but broadcast
works just fine.”

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