White House Cites, POTUS Bites, Mainstream Media

White House promotes Post editorial hours after President brands outlet fake news 6/06/2017 4:43 PM Eastern

The White House was circulating an editorial from D.C.'s most prominent newspaper only hours after the President tweeted yet another attack on that newspaper and other media outlets, branding them as fakes.

An editorial in The Washington Post had given President Donald Trump credit for at least supporting a good idea borrowed from Democrats, that being the proposal to privatize air traffic controllers. The White House in an e-mail included that and other editorials it said were praising the proposal.

But only a few hours before, the President had tweeted, without further context:

That was followed by the more general broadside aimed at the mainstream media (and apparently treating mainstream as two words):

At Tuesday's White House briefing, spokesman Sean Spicer confirmed that his tweets are considered "official statements of the President of the United States." He said the President's use of social media gives him an opportunity to speak directly to the American people.

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