Juniper Debuts Multitasking Edge Router

7/17/2006 6:52 AM Eastern

Juniper Networks debuted a new router device that it said will more efficiently deliver multimedia services at the outer edge of cable and other service providers’ networks.

The M120 multiservice edge router offers 10 gigabits per second of throughput, as well as a range of connection options, including Gigabit Ethernet and older non-Internet-protocol transmission schemes such as asynchronous transfer mode and Digital Video Broadcasting-Asynchronous Serial Interface.

This is particularly useful for providers such as cable operators that may have IP data and voice systems but also non-IP video-delivery systems, particularly in the outer part of their service networks.

“For cable, they are very much ahead of the game in a sense that it moved to Ethernet -- a lot of the transport is IP-packet-based today, specifically on the data and voice side,” said John Treece, director of business development, cable-products business. “But there are still some legacy broadcast-video networks out there that they are still trying to migrate over.”

The M120 is also based on Juniper’s next-generation I-chip silicon, which can support more than 100,000 logical interfaces. That, in turn, allows the unit to better multitask in handling voice, video and data, so that operators can ramp up the number of services without impacting overall performance.

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