Walton Hoops It Up with Sportskool

2/02/2005 2:49 AM Eastern

Bill Walton is joining Sportskool’s roster.

The hoops legend and ESPN analyst will join Rainbow Media Holdings LLC’s video-on-demand instructional channel this spring, providing young athletes and youth coaches with step-by-step instruction on shooting, rebounding, passing, footwork and defense and expounding upon basketball strategies and motivation.

Walton joins a group of top athletes -- like soccer legend Mia Hamm; her husband, Chicago Cubs shortstop Nomar Garciaparra; and world-class skier Bode Miller -- who are sharing their acumen with viewers.

“When we began to look at bolstering our basketball offerings, Bill Walton was our top choice,” Sportskool general manager Dan Ronayne in a prepared statement. “During his NBA [National Basketball Association] career, Walton was always recognized as one of the greatest students of the game. His work ethic and tenacity made him someone young players always looked to emulate.”

Ronayne added, “He continues to be on the pulse of the game and in touch with the key physical and mental skills aspiring basketball players need to try to master to reach their peak.”


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