5/06/2001 8:00 PM Eastern

Handicapper Wired Protocols Wireless Protocols
Karuna Uppal, program manager, consumer-market convergence, Yankee Group Win: HomePlug Win: HomePlug
Place: HPNA Place: Bluetooth
Show: Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Show: N/A
Dark horse: HomePlug Dark horse: 802.11a
Navin Sabharwal, VP, residential and networking technologies, Allied Business Intelligence Inc. Win: HPNA Win: 802.11b, Bluetooth, 802.11a
Place: Ethernet Place: HomeRF, HiPerLAN2
Show: N/A Show: DECT
Dark horse: HomePlug Dark horse: Ultra Wideband
Kathie Hackler, VP and chief analyst, GartnerGroup Win: HPNA Win: 802.11b
Place: Ethernet Place: 802.11a
Show: Power line Show: Bluetooth
Dark horse: Power line Dark horse: Wireless Firewire
Tony Wasilewski, chief scientist, software systems, Scientific-Atlanta Inc. Win: HPNA Win: 802.11b (now), Bluetooth
Place: HomePlug Place: 802.11e (future winner)
Show: IEEE 1394 Show: 802.11a
Dark horse: Ethernet Dark horse: HomeRF 2.0 (with WBFH)
Frank Koperda, chief systems architect, High-Speed Surfing Win: HPNA Win: 802.11a
Place: HomePlug Place: 802.11b
Show: HAVI Show: HomeRF
Dark horse: IP over Ethernet Dark horse: HiPerLAN 2
Vincent Izzo director of home networking, Motorola Broadband Communications Sector Win: HPNA Win: HomeRF
Place: HomePlug Place: 802.11b
Show: Ethernet Show: Bluetooth
Dark horse: HomePlug Dark horse: 802.11a/HiPerLAN2
Rich Annibaldi, senior manager of technical research, Pioneer New Media Technologies Inc. Win: IEEE 1394 Win: 802.11a
Place: HPNA Place: Bluetooth
Show: Ethernet Show: 802.11b
Dark horse: Any of several power line carrier approaches Dark horse: DVB - IHDN (In Home Digital Networks)
Andy Trott, CEO, networks & connected devices, Pace Micro Technology plc Win: EHS (Europe), Echelon, HPNA Win: 802.11b, DECT (Europe & Asia)
Place: Ethernet Cat5, CEBus Place: N/A
Show: X10 Show: Bluetooth, HomeRF
Dark horse: N/A Dark horse: Sharewave (Whitecap), HiperLAN2, 802.11e
Nick Chakalos director product management, Ucentric Systems Win: HPNA Win: 802.11
Place: HomePlug Place: HomeRF
Show: Ethernet Show: Bluetooth
Dark horse: Ethernet over coax Dark horse: Whitecap

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