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3/14/2004 7:00 PM Eastern

When Cynthia Perkins-Roberts first approached the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies about the Hispanic television options in the multichannel world, she might as well have been speaking in Greek. But flash forward four years later, and AHAA is very much on program with what the cable television industry has to say about Hispanic advertising options, according to Roberts, who is the director of network marketing development at the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau.

AHAA's members have aggregated billings of some $3 billion, or more than 90% of all Hispanic ad spend in the U.S. It collaborated with the CAB in the creation the Hispanic Marketer's Guide to Cable, which provides a cornucopia of statistical information about Hispanic programming on satellite-delivered networks and companies involved in the Hispanic media business.

AHAA and the CAB are updating that guide this fall, and a preview of the revised information in its pages are featured below.

The guide is but one aspect of a larger initiative at the CAB to serve as a resource and catalyst for advertising on multicultural channels.

In April, the organization is debuting its first-ever upfront guide to multicultural marketing that will be disseminated to some 3,000 executives at agencies and advertisers. The agency also has a data-rich multicultural resource center on the CAB Web site (

“Multicultural marketing is one of the primary objectives of the CAB,” notes Sean Cunningham, who is the CAB's president and CEO. “It's not a 'bolt on' to our main mission.”

The potential for ad growth among Hispanic channels is certainly significant. A look at advertising expenditure growth from TNS Media Intelligence/CMR, shown in the Ad Spending table below, shows that in 2003, while national broadcast networks only bumped up a mere 2.2% in ad spend growth, compared with 2002, Hispanic broadcast networks were up over 15%. TNS just started tracking one multichannel service, Galavision, since mid 2002. That service garnered $80.5 million in advertising during 2003.

Profile of Hispanic TV Households
National Trends in Language Use in Hispanic Households
(Adults 18+) Numbers in Millions
1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004
Source: 2004 Nielsen Media Research Universe Estimates, via CAB
Spanish Dominant3.
English Dominant2.
2004 U.S. Hispanic Universe Estimates
Numbers in Thousands (except %s)
U.S. Total U.S. Hispanics Hispanic % of U.S.
Source: 2004 Nielsen Media Research Universe Estimates, via CAB
Persons 2+275,58037,55113.63%
Men 18+101,54013,03112.83%
Men 18-3432,4606,07818.72%
Women 18+109,86012,51011.39%
Women 18-3431,9405,35416.76%
Non Adults64,18012,01018.71%
National Distribution of TV HHs by Language
National Distribution of TV Households by Language Use (Adults 18+)
92-93 93-94 94-95 95-96 96-97 97-98 98-99 99-00 00-01 01-02 02-03 03-04
Source: 2004 Nielsen Media Research Universe Estimates, via CAB
Spanish Dominant49.949.448.648.747.147.548.448.950.951.551.352.4
English Dominant36.035.634.935.034.032.934.936.235.235.635.434.1
U.S. Advertising Expenditure
English-Language Television (Numbers in Thousands)
2003 '03 vs. '02 2002 '02 vs. '01 2001 '01 vs. '00 2000 '00 vs. '99 1999
Source: TNS Media Intelligence/CMR, via the CAB
National Broadcast Network$21,190,0952.2%$20,742,1056.5%$19,477,092-8.1%$21,195,72012.8%$18,791,805
Regional TV Network$33,914-45.0%$61,636-21.6%$78,6614.2%$75,515-14.2%$88,009
National Syndication$3,395,79215.3%$2,945,596-7.7%$3,192,2780.1%$3,188,2716.4%$2,996,309
Cable TV$12,695,98616.7%$10,878,7154.4%$10,416,4351.0%$10,315,89116.4%$8,860,832
Spot TV$16,842,917-4.9%$17,702,85019.1%$14,868,940-18.2%$18,171,16612.6%$16,131,600
Spanish-Language Broadcast (Numbers in Thousands)
  2003 '03 vs. '02 2002 '02 vs.'01 2001 '01 vs. '00 2000 '00 vs.'99 1999
National (Univision, Telemundo & Telefutura)$2,726,61415.2%$2,367,18625.4%$1,887,56010.4%$1,710,37622.2%$1,399,408
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